Opinion – Civil War’s Splinters Indicate a Fractured Future for Yemen

Poornima Balasubramanian • Sep 12 2020 • Articles

Yemen’s seemingly fractured future holds nothing but catastrophe to its people if attempts at seeking a political resolution do not succeed.

Review – War in Space: Strategy, Spacepower, Geopolitics

Augusto Dall’Agnol • Sep 5 2020 • Features

Bowen provides a masterful contribution through his presentation of a Clausewitzian spacepower theory.

Review – The Hacker and the State

Antonio Calcara • Jun 11 2020 • Features

A much needed academic contribution to the IR cyber space literature that includes well-informed examinations of cyber attacks that have taken place in recent decades.

Geopolitics and John Dee

Vladimir Vladimirovich Wiedemann • Apr 18 2020 • Articles

John Dee had developed the first foundational draft of global British geopolitics. A plan he initially tried to implement under Queen Elizabeth I.

Review – The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth

Luke Cooper • Jul 4 2019 • Features

Mandelbaum’s book is an analytically flawed, contradictory and unconventional piece of realist scholarship that considers the instability of the post-Cold War period.

Unmasking ‘Religious’ Conflicts and Religious Radicalisation in the Middle East

Bettina Koch • May 17 2019 • Articles

When one discusses conflicts that may have a religious background, it is mandatory to question when and under what circumstances does a conflict qualify as a ‘religious’.

Interview – Raúl Salgado

E-International Relations • May 2 2019 • Features

Raúl Salgado talks to us about geopolitics and regionalism in Latin America, the role of small states in regional integration, UNASUR, and Brazil’s role within BRICS.

Can China Link the Belt and Road Initiative by Rail?

Shu Liang (Karl) Yan • Mar 29 2019 • Articles

The CRC has the capacity to leverage its production capacity against international competitors, and the state can thusly help the CRC in ensuring implementation success.

The Great Thaw: Climate Change and the Post-Cold War World

Caitlin E. Werrell and Francesco Femia • Mar 20 2019 • Articles

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the geopolitical climate frozen from the Cold War along with our understanding of climate change and its security risks have thawed.

Ukraine and Russia Gird for Presidential Election

Trivun Sharma • Mar 10 2019 • Articles

Ukraine is gearing up for a presidential election that will set its course for the next five years, perhaps most crucially in terms of its relations with Russia.

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