Review – The Age of AI

Arun Teja Polcumpally • Nov 12 2022 • Features

A clear and accessible account of the role that artificial intelligence plays in disrupting and shaping the future of human society, and its impact on national security and diplomacy.

Interview – Muqtedar Khan

E-International Relations • Mar 20 2022 • Features

Muqtedar Khan discusses current global geopolitics, challenges for the Muslim world, as well as his vision for Islamic democracy and governance.

Interview – Ties Dams

E-International Relations • Nov 25 2021 • Features

Ties Dams talks about the geopolitical narratives of China and the EU, disinformation, and the EU’s relations with the Biden administration.

Opinion – The Coming of Age of the European Union’s Indo-Pacific Strategy

Shreya Sinha • May 19 2021 • Articles

It is imperative for EU to not succumb into irrelevance by becoming a toothless tiger in order to eventually be a truly strategic global geopolitical actor.

Geopolitics and the British Empire: Halford Mackinder’s Liberal Imperialism

Ben Richardson • Mar 21 2021 • Articles

The story of Halford Mackinder’s electoral misadventure helps illuminate the ideological context in which geopolitics emerged and the purposes to which it was put.

Review – Popular Culture, Geopolitics and Identity

Adagbo Onoja • Jan 17 2021 • Features

This second edition presents fascinating demonstrations of popular culture in action and considers popular culture beyond the representational.

Opinion – Civil War’s Splinters Indicate a Fractured Future for Yemen

Poornima B • Sep 12 2020 • Articles

Yemen’s seemingly fractured future holds nothing but catastrophe to its people if attempts at seeking a political resolution do not succeed.

Review – War in Space: Strategy, Spacepower, Geopolitics

Augusto Dall’Agnol • Sep 5 2020 • Features

Bowen provides a masterful contribution through his presentation of a Clausewitzian spacepower theory.

Review – The Hacker and the State

Antonio Calcara • Jun 11 2020 • Features

A much needed academic contribution to the IR cyber space literature that includes well-informed examinations of cyber attacks that have taken place in recent decades.

Geopolitics and John Dee

Vladimir Vladimirovich Wiedemann • Apr 18 2020 • Articles

John Dee had developed the first foundational draft of global British geopolitics. A plan he initially tried to implement under Queen Elizabeth I.

Review – The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth

Luke Cooper • Jul 4 2019 • Features

Mandelbaum’s book is an analytically flawed, contradictory and unconventional piece of realist scholarship that considers the instability of the post-Cold War period.

Unmasking ‘Religious’ Conflicts and Religious Radicalisation in the Middle East

Bettina Koch • May 17 2019 • Articles

When one discusses conflicts that may have a religious background, it is mandatory to question when and under what circumstances does a conflict qualify as a ‘religious’.

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