Global South

Interview – Pallavi Raghavan

E-International Relations • May 10 2022 • Features

Pallavi Raghavan talks about moving away from colonial and hegemonic tropes and making IR more inclusive of the Global South.

Interview – Anne Phillips

E-International Relations • Jan 7 2022 • Features

Anne Phillips reflects on the interactions between Western feminist movements and those in the Global South, the notion of equality as applied to immigrants, and multiculturalism amidst today’s globalised world.

The Appropriation of ‘Curiosity’

Lorenzo Kamel • Oct 12 2021 • Articles

Progress comes by opposing the process by which non-Western peoples are viewed as passive, weak and disinterested, while enabling the retrieval of different ways of knowing and understanding the epistemologies of the South.

Visa Policies as Externalisation Practices in the Global South

Natalia Cintra • Oct 2 2021 • Articles

It is key to engage in a more ample debate over how visa policies and other practices in the Global South contribute in shifting these countries’ borders.

Opinion – The Hypocrisy of the UK Government’s Plans for Girl’s Education in the Global South

Keya Khandaker • Jul 19 2021 • Articles

Girls‘ education is instrumentalised to mask deep financial cuts for aid agencies and shift the burden of responsibility.

Digital Trade as a Global South Challenge

Marco Cepik • Jul 6 2021 • Articles

To navigate tensions surrounding big tech, the Global South must define common interests and devise better-coordinated actions regarding digital infrastructure, protocols, security, and inclusion.

Review – International Relations from the Global South

Maiken Gelardi • Jun 25 2021 • Features

Arlene Tickner and Karen Smith give us a tool that enables us to teach IR in a way that transcends the conventional western-centric lens.

The Politics of Teaching International Relations in the Arab World: A Critique

Ahmed M. Abozaid • May 20 2021 • Articles

We live in a global system that constantly pushes one towards silencing non-Western voices and rendering their contributions invisible.

Knowledge Diplomacy and the Future(s) of Global Cooperation

Ariel Macaspac Hernandez • Apr 5 2021 • Articles

The architecture of global cooperation and of national policy-making are both dependent on how power based on access to scientific and expert knowledge is distributed

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Growing North-South Divide

Winnie M. Makau • Mar 15 2021 • Articles

Pandemics, while indiscriminate in infections and direct consequence, have historically shown to discriminate against the most vulnerable in the short and long term.

Opinion — Cloaked to Invisibility: Circular Migrants in India

Harshita Sinha • Oct 13 2020 • Articles

While migrant workers have the constitutionally guaranteed right to move, reside and work across India, their presence in the city remains peripheral

Beirut After the Explosion: The Effects on the Cultural Heritage and the Museums

It is necessary to put aside a colonial narrative for one that will allow for a sustainable and locally-owned management of future projects.

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