Greece’s Radical Politics on the Dark Side of Dawn

Othon Anastasakis • Nov 5 2013 • Articles
Most governments of the EU are now forced to dance to the tunes of the extreme right. In that respect, the Greek far right stands out as the ugliest reflection in the deforming mirror of the dark side of the EU.

Solidarity with ERT

Marianna Karakoulaki • Jun 13 2013 • Articles
On 12 June, the Greek Government shocked society by shutting down its public broadcaster. It is important for the public to unite and show the current regime that they will no longer tolerate such actions.

Review – From Stagnation to Forced Adjustment

Jared A. Pincin • Mar 27 2013 • Features
The economic crisis in Greece and the financial bailouts it received sent shockwaves through the Eurozone and global markets. Could reforms have avoided the collapse? Why were they not successful?

Police and Anarchy in Greece

Keally McBride • Oct 10 2012 • Articles
Austerity measures are increasing tension between Greek police and protesters. We need to be concerned, for as the recession in Europe continues, police in other countries may come to play similar roles.

Human Rights and State Security: The Conflicting Features of International Migration

Jalil Abdallah • Sep 19 2012 • Articles
Irregular migration is a difficult test of the constructive interaction between two fixtures of modern political dialogue: the protection of individual human rights and the obligation of state's to maintain security for their citizens.

‘Democracy is in Peril’: Agonistic Pluralism after the Greek Election

Harry Weeks • Jul 23 2012 • Articles
What should be taken from the Greek election is that the political institutions of the country offered, and the electorate seriously considered, an alternative.

Can France and Germany Design a New European Contrat Social?

Ulrike Guérot • May 28 2012 • Articles
The future of Europe literally depends on the next Franco-German compromise. Europe cannot be governed by the European Central Bank.

Patterns, Challenges, and Strategic Choices in the Euro Crisis

Kenneth Dyson • Dec 14 2011 • Articles
The crisis in the Euro Area is enmeshed in an evolving global, and European, financial and economic crisis. Its dimensions are profound, historical, and structural. It raises the stakes in European integration to new heights.

The Children of Riots: Society, Violence and the Youth in Greece

Ioannis Tellidis • Oct 17 2011 • Articles
Police brutality is now part of everyday life in Greece. Violence from extreme political circles of all directions is on the rise, and an overall feeling of everyone-against-everyone makes evident the crumbling of Greek society.Thus, the only thing that Greek Police seem to be good at is to provoke indignation.

Greece and the EU: United in Diversity

Louie Woodall • Jul 12 2011 • Articles
The European community cannot stand idly by when one of its own members faces disintegration. The Union’s motto is: “United in diversity”. Now, more than ever, the EU must live up to this ideal.

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