Guerrilla Warfare

Interview – Dirk Kruijt

E-International Relations • Aug 15 2018 • Features

Dirk Kruijt discusses Cuba’s relationship with the Latin American Left, including it’s support for armed guerrillas, and how this policy has transformed over the decades.

Student Feature – Spotlight on the Peace Process in Colombia

Cécile Mouly • Jan 25 2017 • Student Features

E-IR’s spotlight series invites academics to reflect on significant events. This feature explores the quest for peace in Columbia between the government and guerrilla groups.

Review – The Warrior, Military Ethics and Contemporary Warfare

Christopher Finlay • May 15 2015 • Features

Kaurin connects fruitfully with questions arising from asymmetrical warfare, providing particularly thoughtful reflections on the issues it poses for military education.

Defining Mexico’s Zapatista Army of National Liberation

W. Alejandro Sanchez • Oct 22 2012 • Articles

The Zapatistas are arguably the first localist group that has emerged in Latin America and it is debatable whether the same types of conditions that fomented their appearance and durability can be duplicated in other regional states.

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