Conservative Authoritarianism in Turkey

Çağlar Ezikoğlu • Aug 23 2016 • Articles
Erdogan stands against intellectuals or elites in Turkey because these groups are identified as a ‘possible enemy’ for the lower classes, who support Erdogan/the AKP.

A Cynical Report Card on the Turkish Game of Thrones

Oğuzhan Göksel • Aug 13 2016 • Articles
Since 2013, Turkey has been struggling with intense political instability. Yet after the recent coup was defeated, President Erdoğan has consolidated his hegemony.

The Limits of Invoking Conspiracies: Comparing Turkey and Uzbekistan

Bernardo Teles Fazendeiro • Aug 1 2016 • Articles
The Turkish government faces the prospect of having the country cast as a place of danger, a depiction with serious international, political and economic ramifications.

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