Hannah Arendt

The Political Centrality of the Migrant

Thomas Nail • Aug 17 2018 • Articles
Political theory in the 21st century is at a crossroads where migration has reached such a critical threshold that what seemed to be an exception has now become the rule.

Review – Ethics, Diversity and World Politics: Saving Pluralism From Itself

Davide Orsi • Jan 13 2017 • Features
John Williams provides essential insights for anyone with interest in ethical pluralism in contemporary politics, and sets the agenda for future research in this field.

Review – Economy of Force

Jan Tattenberg • Sep 3 2016 • Features
Owens has created the space for a truly critical intervention in our understanding of war, helping us to move from a ‘critical war studies’ to a ‘critique of war’.

Interview – Patricia Owens

E-International Relations • Jan 31 2015 • Features
Dr. Patricia Owens discusses her recent work, Hannah Arendt's theories and the need to fundamentally rethink the relationship between history and theory within IR.

Constructing a Realistic Cosmopolitanism

Chris Peys • Dec 18 2014 • Articles
World citizenship is not based upon a Utopian fantasy. Instead, world citizenship begins from the recognition that all people come from and exist within communities.

Review – Eichmann in Jerusalem

Joseph Royo • Nov 14 2013 • Features
One of the questions raised by Arendt about former Nazi officials during their trials- are they criminals or war combatants?- is relevant for discussions today about the use of drones.

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