The Future of Popular Geopolitics: Mega-Shark Cinematic Diplomacy

Chris Homewood • Sep 21 2018 • Articles
Amidst rising tensions, Hollywood films such as The Meg present an idealized image of harmony between the U.S. and China.

Is It Time for an Iranian-American Buddy Film?

Robert A. Saunders • Jun 15 2016 • Articles
Challenging dominant IR narratives and reworking the US geopolitical imaginary of Iran via popular culture is possible. Stranger things have happened.

Like Drone Strikes, ‘Eye in the Sky’ Is Much Less Accurate than Claimed

Alex Edney-Browne • May 25 2016 • Articles
Eye in the Sky fails to explore the real utilitarian calculations, and ethical concerns, of the US Coalition drone programme.

Review – Hollywood 9/11: Superheroes, Supervillains and Super Disasters

Tiago Alves de Moraes Sarmento • May 2 2016 • Features
From documentaries to Team America, the rich material that Pollard describes might help one understand what entertainment in the new millennium is grounded upon.

‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ and IR Theory

Robert A. Saunders • Feb 15 2015 • Articles
Hollywood has a long history of trading in subtle political messaging and reinforcing the notion of US military might as a force for good, even when things get ugly.

The Revolution Will Not be Cinematized

Matthew Alford • Dec 3 2013 • Articles
In answer to the question posed by the latest issue of Dissent, Hollywood is not in revolt. Established commercial, corporate, and political pressures are as prominent as the sign hammered into its hills.

International Relations on Screen: Hollywood’s History of American Foreign Policy

Ian Scott • Oct 20 2013 • Articles
U.S. cinema’s dalliance with U.S. foreign policy started in 1897 when it was entangled with the audience’s own nationalist fervour. Today, nationalist fervour and international relations are alive and well in Hollywood.

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