Sexualities, LGBT Rights and The Ban of ‘Gay’ Emoticons in Indonesia

Eleni Polymenopoulou • Mar 10 2016 • Articles

While the emoticon debate itself seems rather trivial, the debates surrounding it are illustrative of the tensions between Islam and local practices.

LGBT Pride: Marching on the Front Lines

Elise Carlson-Rainer • Jul 1 2015 • Articles

Pride events remain a critical moment of visibility of the LGBT movement. But the global movement will continue to progress and create new alliances for gaining equality.

Review – Sexualities in World Politics

Federica Caso • Apr 5 2015 • Features

A timely collection that reflects the contemporary zeitgeist of LGBT politics, raises important disciplinary questions, and promises to open up new dialogue within IR.

The Politics of LGBT Muslim Identities

Momin Rahman • Apr 2 2015 • Articles

Queer Muslim citizenship, politics and identity are not only important but also illustrate the contemporary socio-political intersectional nature of LGBT politics.

The Five Extraordinary Features of the Sochi Winter Olympics

Bill Bowring • Jan 24 2014 • Articles

The 22nd Winter Olympics will open in Sochi, Russia. Five extraordinary features – location, cost, history, security and law – will make this event unique.

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