International Law

Is China Under-Exploiting One Legal Avenue in the South China Sea?

He Xiaheng Derek • Jul 17 2021 • Articles

Beijing faces a legal quandary between tacitly admitting the continued ROC presence on Taiwan and not making full use of the Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty.

Recognition and Protection of Environmental Migrants in International Law

Chiara Scissa • Jun 24 2021 • Articles

Several UN arrangements explicitly recognize environmental migration, but lack of binding force. Conversely, binding instruments are too weakly implemented.

Opinion – Dangers Within Humanitarianism to Israel’s National Security

Giulia Dal Bello • Apr 1 2021 • Articles

The international community should recognize the well-established narrative against Israel and update judicial mechanisms to address asymmetrical conflicts and hybrid terrorist organizations.

Opinion – International Law versus Realpolitik in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

Vahagn Avedian • Mar 2 2021 • Articles

Despite the November 9 ceasefire agreement, the fundamental questions about the region’s final status and the future of its native Armenian population remain unanswered.

Opinion – The Politics of Antarctica

Elçin Doruk and Siret Hürsoy • Nov 23 2020 • Articles

With Antarctic politics, the Antarctic Treaties System must be transformed into a common heritage regime targeting the interests of all humanity in order to protect the continent.

Interview – Sean Fleming

E-International Relations • Nov 1 2020 • Features

Sean Fleming explores theories of state responsibility, particular Hobbes’ theory, and their influence on modern politics such as new technological issues.

Opinion – International Humanitarian Law Should Have Been Part of the Taliban Deal

Todd Carney • Mar 24 2020 • Articles

By not providing specific provisions to curb the Taliban’s warfare tactics and get them to agree to IHL provisions, the US missed an opportunity.

The Rise of Paradiplomacy in International Relations

Mariano Alvarez • Mar 17 2020 • Articles

The rise of paradiplomatic activity, which has been recognized and normalized, should not be seen as a displacement of the state but as its complement within IR.

Student Feature – UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention

Michael Dylan Foster • Jan 7 2020 • Student Features

The Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, an instrument of UNESCO, highlights the complexities and politics of cultural protections.

Student Feature – Spotlight on Kosovo’s “Special Court”

Aidan Hehir • Aug 10 2019 • Student Features

Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC) and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) is a new ‘hybrid’ court, but concerns over witnesses, security, and legitimacy persist.

Interview – Christian Davies

E-International Relations • Jul 30 2019 • Features

Journalist Christian Davies talks to us about the current situation in Poland, Poland and Hungary’s relations with the EU, and some of the challenges facing journalists.

Interview – Ruth Blakeley

E-International Relations • Jan 10 2019 • Features

Ruth Blakeley explains her research exposing the UK’s involvement in the torture of terror suspects, and discusses drones, human rights research and international law.

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