International Political Theory

The ‘Erasure of Nationalism’ and International Relations

Tatiana Vargas Maia • Jun 8 2022 • Articles

Nationalism has been fundamental in structuring the international system, and continues to change and transform it today.

The Whispering Prussian: Clausewitz and Modern Wars

Muhammad Alaraby • Oct 21 2020 • Articles

Clausewitz forged the most provocative framework of thinking about war as a human affair of passion, unpredictability and reason.

Fear in International Politics: The Long Shadow of State

Jayati Srivastava • Sep 22 2020 • Articles

Mainstream IR theories must further analyse fear and the mechanics of its invocation in order to better understand international politics and the complexities of fear.

International Political Sociology Contributions to International Relations

Hidayet Çilkoparan • May 23 2020 • Articles

The main objective of the Foucauldian IR should be to clearly present the possible original contributions to IR in understanding and explaining global politics.

10th Anniversary Interview – Chris Brown

E-International Relations • Dec 6 2017 • Features

LSE Professor Chris Brown looks at the books and the general changes in the last 10 years that have made an impact on the discipline of International Relations.

Thinking About Ethics, Thinking Across Fields

Nicholas Onuf • Jun 22 2016 • Articles

A distaste for liberal utilitarianism could serve as common ground for mounting any campaign for a coherent alternative to modern ethical systems.

Global Justice: An Exegesis of Contemporary Theories

Corey McCabe • Jan 29 2016 • Essays

The lack of consensus on global justice is a microcosm of schisms present in international relations perspectives.

Review – Challenging Boundaries: Great Flows and Territorial Identities

Martina Petkova • Feb 12 2015 • Features

Shapiro & Alker’s edited book throws light on the nature of theoretical discourses and the missing links between classical, critical and postmodernist theoretical views.

The Tale of a ‘Realism’ in International Relations

Hartmut Behr and Xander Kirke • Jun 13 2014 • Articles

The tale of a contiguous Realist tradition, running the gamut from Thucydides to Morgenthau, occludes these thinkers’ strong normative commitments.

Interview – Chris Brown

E-International Relations • May 28 2013 • Features

Professor Brown answers reader questions about the theory-practice divide, non-Western political theory, the ongoing crisis in Syria, and challenges to the UN’s Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine.

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