Student Feature – Theory in Action: Postcolonialism and Women of Colour

Sheila Nair • Sep 9 2019 • Student Features
Postcolonialism forces us to reckon with the everyday injustices and oppressions that can reveal themselves in the starkest terms through a particular moment of crisis.

Interview – Sara Salem

E-International Relations • Jun 24 2019 • Features
Sara Salem explores postcolonial, Marxist and feminist theory, the Egyptian feminist movement, transnational solidarity and the radical roots of intersectionality.

Sex, Tongue, and International Relations

Manuela Lavinas Picq and Caroline Cottet • Jun 11 2019 • Articles
We must tackle the problem of sexual liberation to show how global narratives assert the existence of diverse sexualities but also impose external arrangements.

Interview – Kate Ferguson

E-International Relations • May 8 2019 • Features
Kate Ferguson talks to us about identity-based violence, the rise in mass-atrocities, the effectiveness of R2P, and the relationship between academia and policy-making.

Interview – Anne Sisson Runyan

E-International Relations • Mar 8 2019 • Features
Anne Sisson Runyan discusses the importance of International Women's Day, gender and IR, intersectionality, gender balance in academia and decolonial feminism.

Interview – Susan Spronk

E-International Relations • Jan 13 2016 • Features
Professor Spronk discusses Latin American '21st Century Socialism', reflects on struggles against water privatization, and assesses the role of the BRICS in world order.

The Politics of LGBT Muslim Identities

Momin Rahman • Apr 2 2015 • Articles
Queer Muslim citizenship, politics and identity are not only important but also illustrate the contemporary socio-political intersectional nature of LGBT politics.

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