Interview – Mohammed Ihsan

E-International Relations • Oct 23 2021 • Features

Mohammed Ihsan explores the implications of the de-Baathification process on transitional justice in Iraq, and progress towards national reconciliation.

Opinion – Iraq’s Toughest Challenge: Controlling the Iranian-backed Militias

Mehmet Alaca • Sep 1 2020 • Articles

Although the efforts of reorganizing the PMF seem to continue, it is hard to fully control them in the short term considering Iran’s militia strategy.

Interview – Zeynep N. Kaya

E-International Relations • May 11 2020 • Features

Zeynep Kaya tackles the repercussions of the Turkish invasion of Northern Syria, the position of women in Iraqi Kurdistan and the recovery of Yazidi communities.

Review – The Age of Illusions

Elizabeth Austin • Mar 25 2020 • Features

Bacevich argues that the road from American expectations of global supremacy and perpetual prosperity to the economic realities of the US in 2016 led to Trump’s election.

Opinion – Political Challenges Ahead for the New Iraqi Prime Minister

Nadeem Ahmed Moonakal • Mar 23 2020 • Articles

Any major change in Iraqi politics can also invariably affect the regional dynamics in the Middle East determining the political and economic stability of the region.

The PNAC (1997–2006) and the Post-Cold War ‘Neoconservative Moment’

Pierre Bourgois • Feb 1 2020 • Articles

The PNAC represented the post-Cold War neoconservative moment, and played a vital role in the intellectual revival of neoconservatism during the second half of the 1990s.

Review – The Empty Throne: America’s Abdication of Global Leadership

Scott Lucas • Sep 10 2019 • Features

Daalder and Lindsay’s book critiques the loss of US leadership under Trump but fails to break new ground or present a clear account of what leadership is or should be.

Interview – Diako Yazdani

E-International Relations • Aug 2 2019 • Features

Kurdish Iranian filmmaker Diako Yazdani discusses his documentary film Kojin (2019) which tackles problems of homophobia in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Review – Media, Propaganda and the Politics of Intervention

Greg Simons • Jun 7 2019 • Features

Zollman’s book provides a well-supported analysis of the nature and significance of media, propaganda and intervention using six key events reported in three countries.

Interview – George Butler

E-International Relations • May 20 2019 • Features

Reportage artist, George Butler, talks to us about his work drawing the news in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, as well the future for young Syrians and his Hands Up Foundation.

Iraq’s Evolving Paramilitaries Will Have an Impact on State and Society

Damian Doyle • Apr 29 2019 • Articles

As a semi-autonomous, parallel security force, the PMF groups are now influential political and economic actors, who continue to impact Iraqi state and society.

Review – Unwinnable: Britain’s War in Afghanistan 2001-14

Paul Dixon • Dec 20 2018 • Features

Theo Farrell’s recent book provides some new insights into Britain’s war in Afghanistan though there is ambiguity over the point at which the war was unwinnable and why.

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