Review – Partitions

Carter Johnson • Feb 15 2020 • Features

Dubnov and Robinson explore the use of partitions by the British Empire, how they were manipulated transnationally to serve British interests, and their impacts today.

Understanding Sinn Féin’s Abstention from the UK Parliament

Conor Kelly • Aug 19 2019 • Articles

Asking Sinn Féin to take or forfeit their seats to stop Brexit does not go to the heart of why they are abstentionists in the first place.

The Fight Continues: New Access to Abortion Services in Ireland

Lorraine Grimes • Mar 8 2019 • Articles

It has been ten months since Ireland voted to allow abortions. But protests, fraudulent help-lines and websites by pro-life groups mean the fight is still on-going.

Brexit: The View from Ireland

Barry Colfer • Feb 21 2017 • Articles

The Irish government will have to tread a careful line during the Article 50 negotiations, choosing a path that lies somewhere between the UK and the EU.

The Irish Same-Sex Marriage Referendum: Its Meaning for LGBT Rights in the EU

Michael Pelz • Jun 19 2015 • Articles

LGBT rights promotion across Europe remains an elite-level project. The EU must work directly with national partners to demonstrate that they matter equally.

The evolution of modern UK-Irish relations

Ivor Roberts • Apr 10 2011 • Articles

The relations within and between the British and Irish islands are now routinely described as never having been better; a description regarded as a cliché. A cliché? Good. It was not so long ago that such a belief would have been dismissed as an attempt at humour.

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