Jacob Zuma

Closing the Second Cycle in BRICS: A Surprise or Business as Usual?

Victoria V. Panova • Jun 6 2018 • Articles

BRICS has by now turned into a brand. This brand imposes responsibility on its members to respond to global challenges and serves the interests of the global community.

Showdown in Zimbabwe? ‘IR’ and the Crisis of the Global Political Agreement

David Moore • Sep 14 2012 • Articles

After this most recent of Zimbabwe’s showdowns, its people and their allies can either take the bull by the horns or resign themselves to another spell of ‘inclusive government’ purgatory.

South Africa’s general election: ‘win-win’ or still a worry?

Peter Vale • Apr 28 2009 • Articles

South Africa’s general election which was held on April 22 has yielded the proverbial ‘win-win’ situation for all the participants except the tiny parties, who failed to impress voters and whose futures now hang in the balance. Although this outcome-and the peaceful and well-organised poll-augur well for democracy in the former apartheid state, many still believe that the country’s fifteen year-old democracy may be in peril.

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