Joe Biden

Opinion – Biden’s Blunder on Ethiopia

Worku Aberra • Nov 17 2021 • Articles

US support for the TPLF can only prolong the destruction, the bloodshed, and the suffering of Ethiopians while damaging the reputation of the US as a defender of democracy.

Opinion – The Fate and the Folly of the US Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Alexander Brotman • Aug 22 2021 • Articles

Whether or not America’s allies are willing to go along with Biden and bet on America’s enlightened return is the critical question in the wake of Afghanistan’s fall.

Opinion – A New Atlantic Charter for a New Age of Competition

Alexander Brotman • Jun 15 2021 • Articles

The Atlantic may no longer be a point of conflict, but its historical ideals are long-lasting and capable of forging the alliances required to prevent the next global conflict.

Opinion – How Much Will Biden’s Trade Policy Differ from Trump’s?

Sean D. Ehrlich • May 5 2021 • Articles

There is a wide range of possible trade policies Biden might adopt, and it is not yet apparent which of those possibilities he will choose.

Opinion – The Biden Administration Confronts Peak China

Andrew Latham • Mar 22 2021 • Articles

The challenge facing Biden will be to figure out how to deal with a China that, like Germany in 1914 and Japan in 1941, sees its predominance slipping away just as it was nearly within its grasp.

What Happened to the Afghan Peace Talks?

Grant Farr • Feb 24 2021 • Articles

The negotiations with the Taliban are on hold and Afghanistan appears stuck. The government in Kabul now waits to see what the new Biden team will do.

In the Shadow of Sanctions? US–India Relations and the S-400 Purchase

Aniruddha Saha • Jan 29 2021 • Articles

If the Biden administration were to invite sanctions, this would roll back diplomatic progress and set back the US aim of using India as a counter-weight against Chinese ambitions.

Opinion – Omens for US-Taiwan Relations in the Biden Administration

Whether the US can contain China’s rise will determine not only the fate of Taiwan and the regional security of East Asia but also the new global order.

Opinion – The Challenges Facing Joe Biden in the Middle East

Marwan D. Hanania and Edwin Tran • Jan 20 2021 • Articles

Considering Biden’s decades of history and expertise in foreign policy, the incoming administration should be well prepared to balance practical considerations with idealistic goals in the region.

Opinion – The Path Beyond Trump in US Human Rights Policies

Andreas Yiannaros • Jan 11 2021 • Articles

Biden’s election provides an opportunity for the United States to begin along the path of restoring trust in its global human rights response and influence.

Opinion – Israel-Palestine Policy Under Biden

Cindy May • Jan 1 2021 • Articles

While Biden is set to spend much of his early months in office reversing Trump-era policies, Israel-Palestine is one area where change is likely to be more measured.

Rolling Back the Imperial Presidency? Joe Biden and the Future of U.S. War Powers

Lukas D. Herr • Dec 15 2020 • Articles

Congress must be recognized as a co-equal branch of government and they must use their constitutional powers to establish binding limits on presidential power.

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