Just War Theory

10th Anniversary Interview – Chris Brown

E-International Relations • Dec 6 2017 • Features
LSE Professor Chris Brown looks at the books and the general changes in the last 10 years that have made an impact on the discipline of International Relations.

The Inversion of Just War Theory

Piki Ish-Shalom • Aug 25 2014 • Articles
Despite universalist pretensions, Just War Theory has served partisan interests throughout Operation Protective Edge; ultimately enabling rather than proscribing killing.

Interview – Michael Walzer

E-International Relations • Sep 10 2013 • Features
Professor Walzer answers reader questions about intervention in Syria, just war in the age of drones, preventing genocide and mass atrocities, and Israel-Palestine peace negotiations.

Just War Theory and the Ethics of Drone Warfare

Erich Freiberger • Jul 18 2013 • Articles
Ethics and the Just War tradition can be used to illuminate important questions in a way that clearly shows what is missing in the Obama administration’s approach to the use of drones.

Drones are Justifiable Tools of Warfare

Brian Orend • Jun 26 2013 • Articles
People’s unease with high tech change needs to give way to a more moderate (and finely grained) analysis aided not only by the facts but by the abiding values of just war theory.

Obama, Just War, and Drones

Eric Patterson and Rushad Thomas • Jun 23 2013 • Articles
Drones bring a new meaning to the notion of pilot and blur the distinctions between traditional military personnel and other fighters. Thus, considerable ethical and legal reflection is needed.

Terrorism and ‘Collateral Damage’

Igor Primoratz • Apr 28 2013 • Articles
The deliberate killing of innocent people isn’t, after all, what makes terrorism distinctively morally wrong, and much, much worse than the kind of war that allows for extensive 'collateral damage'.

International Regimes and the Just War Tradition

Eric A. Heinze • Dec 23 2012 • Articles
Conceiving of the just war tradition as a security regime may offer insights that scholars could find interesting, particularly from Grotian, social constructivist, and critical theory perspectives.

Jus En Bello Isn’t Enough: Human Terrain, COIN and a Reasonable Chance for Success

Brent J. Steele • Aug 6 2012 • Articles
With words like ‘morality’ and 'warfare' peppering the Human Terrain debate, it is surprising that the program hasn’t been widely discussed with reference to the Just War tradition.

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