Interview – Muchiru Mark Kuria

E-International Relations • Jun 30 2019 • Features
Muchiru Mark Kuria disusses his company, Kuria Capital, developments and challenges for Kenya's digital ecosystem, its young entrepreneurs, and the 'Silicon Savannah'.

A Tale of Silent Security in Little Mogadishu

Margaret Monyani • Jul 27 2018 • Articles
Securitizing migration, the Kenyan state creates silent security by allowing influential voices to link Somali refugees within its borders to terrorist networks.

One Party State: Is It Good or Bad for Governance?

Margaret Monyani • May 25 2018 • Articles
A single party system if committed to the social contract could be a better conduit for budding and upholding important values that are required for national building.

Institutions Matter, Or, What I Learned Sleeping with Lions in Kenya

Patricia J. Sohn • Apr 6 2017 • Articles
Several lessons can be learned from fieldwork. Experience in Kenya speaks to the variety found in the everyday functioning of societies, institutions and cultures.

Review – The Responsibility to Protect and the International Criminal Court

Par Engstrom • Feb 20 2017 • Features
By tracing the relation between R2P and the ICC in the Kenyan case, Sharma's study reveals unexpected outcomes of a collision between national and international law.

Cholera: Why Is an Ancient Scourge Still with Us?

Caroline Kisia • Jun 8 2016 • Articles
It was devastating and catastrophic. More than 30,000 Rwandan refugees died in less than a month in camps in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo), after they fled fro…

In Good Faith? Reconsidering the Impact of Religion on Negotiated Settlements

Jason Klocek • Feb 27 2015 • Articles
Responses provoked by the religious identity of insurgents may be as crucial to explaining the dearth of negotiated settlements as how religion shapes rebel behavior.

South Sudan in Turmoil: The Risk of a Congo-like Regional Crisis

Kalewongel Minale • Jul 16 2014 • Articles
The stakes in the South Sudanese conflict are high. The peace process needs to be revitalized and rigorously pursued to bring a lasting settlement to the conflict.

Al-Shabaab in the Aftermath of the Attack on Nairobi’s Westgate Mall

David H. Shinn • Oct 10 2013 • Articles
Al-Shabaab’s attack on Westgate Mall attracted global attention. However, it is unlikely to be of military or strategic benefit to the organization and it is not the way to win Somali support.

British Memory of Colonial Brutality in Kenya and Elsewhere

Laura Routley • May 8 2013 • Articles
British elite's are slowly agreeing that Britain's colonial history needs to be debated as the testimonies and documentary evidence challenge "long-cherished views" of this period of British colonial exploits.

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