League of Nations

Review – The Economic Consequences of the Peace

John Hawkins • Dec 13 2019 • Features

The centenary edition of Keynes’ classic text is still a worthwhile read today, highlighting that Europe’s future relies on its cooperation.

The Doctrine of Residual Power in Canadian Diplomacy

Bruce Mabley • Jun 4 2019 • Articles

There is an epistemological break between diplomacy and public service. Canadian diplomats who undertook ‘rogue’ actions can find the moral high ground in this break.

Balancing in Central Europe: Great Britain and Hungary in the 1920s

Tamás Magyarics • Mar 13 2019 • Articles

The most important issue in British-Hungarian relations was the economic and financial stabilisation of Hungary, which reflected British priorities within the region.

E.H Carr and The Failure of the League of Nations

Stephen McGlinchey • Sep 8 2010 • Articles

The dose of reality that E.H. Carr dealt to interwar idealists was significant & timely. It was obvious to Carr that the League was failing and the march to war was underway.

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