Author profile: Stephen McGlinchey

Dr Stephen McGlinchey is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of E-International Relations and Senior Lecturer of International Relations at UWE Bristol. He is the author of Foundations of International Relations (Macmillan/Red Globe Press, forthcoming 2021), International Relations (2017), International Relations Theory (2017) and US Arms Policies Towards the Shah’s Iran (Routledge, 2014). You can find him on twitter @mcglincheyst or Linkedin.

Call for Contributors – Global Politics in a Post-Truth Age

Stephen McGlinchey • May 25 2021 • Features

We seek contributors for an open access book to bring together a range of chapters that reflect upon the state of global, regional and national politics in the 21st century within the context of post-truth.

Opinion – University Campuses Should Be Shut Down

Stephen McGlinchey • Sep 30 2020 • Articles

Any hopes that COVID-19 would diminish by now are gone. The truth is that it will disrupt, and materially reshape, universities for at least the duration of this academic year – most likely longer.

A Brief Reflection on the 2017 UK General Election

Stephen McGlinchey • Jun 10 2017 • Articles

The lesson of the election for the Labour party is that if they want to govern again, they need to unite again. The starting point is respecting Jeremy Corbyn’s brand of politics.

Student Feature – Introduction to Diplomacy

Stephen McGlinchey • Jun 2 2017 • Student Features

Diplomacy is a process between actors (diplomats, usually representing a state) who exist within a system (international relations) and engage in private and public dialogue (diplomacy) to pursue their objectives in a peaceful manner.


Stephen McGlinchey • Jan 8 2017 • Articles

In today’s interconnected world, effective and skilful diplomacy is vital to ensure that humankind can navigate an ever-growing list of shared challenges that may be our undoing if left unresolved.

Getting Started with International Relations

Stephen McGlinchey • Jan 3 2017 • Articles

An excerpt from the introduction to the book ‘International Relations’ covering key terms, sources, and reading advice for students embarking on their first textbook.

Student Feature – Advice on Reading Smart

Stephen McGlinchey • Dec 21 2016 • Student Features

Reading for scholarly purposes is not the same as reading for pleasure. You need to adopt an appropriate, and healthy, reading strategy.

Student Feature – Advice on Using Sources

Stephen McGlinchey • Dec 21 2016 • Student Features

Referencing sources is a core skill in academia. It is an important element of scholarly writing, and one that you should master for your own studies.

Beginner’s Textbook – International Relations

Stephen McGlinchey • Dec 7 2016 •

A ‘Day 0’ introduction to International Relations for beginners, placing the reader inside crucial issues and debates so they can understand how things work and where they fit in the world.

Trump Vs Clinton: A Post-Mortem

Stephen McGlinchey • Nov 19 2016 • Articles

If party politics fails again to represent the electorate as in 2016, the only people who will be able to rise above the acrimony will be populists like Donald Trump.

Trump’s ‘Brexit Strategy’

Stephen McGlinchey • Oct 9 2016 • Articles

Trump has defied reality by gauging that enough voters will ignore the tide of critics mobilising against him, even a growing number of senior Republican Party figures.

Student Feature – Spotlight on the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

Stephen McGlinchey • Aug 10 2016 • Student Features

Due to decades of diplomacy, non-proliferation is one of the norms underpinning our international system and we have come a long way from the dark days of 1945.

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