Opinion – Lebanon’s Economic Crisis: An Opportunity to Contain Hezbollah?

Massimiliano Fiore • Jun 25 2020 • Articles
The international community should help avoid Lebanon's collapse, yet make support dependent on tackling corruption and abandoning Hezbollah.

Interview – Dalal Mawad

E-International Relations • Jun 4 2020 • Features
Journalist Dalal Mawad talks to us about her career covering the MENA region, particularly her work reporting on refugees and the displaced and the crisis in Lebanon.

Navigating Access to Healthcare in Lebanon: The Political Economy of Health across Conflict, Revolution and Applicability

Jasmin Lilian Diab and Fouad M. Fouad • Mar 20 2020 • Articles
The case of Lebanon’s health sector is highly fundamental in understanding healthcare in the MENA region – where reform efforts are progressively converging.

Competing Logics of Security toward Syrian Refugees in Turkey and Lebanon

Sefa Secen • Dec 20 2019 • Articles
Turkey's and Lebanon's high levels of political polarization could engender competing logics of security and increase Syrian refugees’ vulnerability to instability.

Interview – George Butler

E-International Relations • May 20 2019 • Features
Reportage artist, George Butler, talks to us about his work drawing the news in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, as well the future for young Syrians and his Hands Up Foundation.

The United Nations and Middle Eastern Security

Allison Miller • Nov 25 2018 • Articles
With the presence of ISIS winding down, the war in Yemen, increasing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and other regional issues the UN is able to fill the role of a moderating third party.

Conflict and Migration in the Middle East: Syrian Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon

Kamel Doraï • Sep 4 2018 • Articles
The Syrian crisis has transformed Middle Eastern migration. New refugee camps has given a new dimension to the debate on the forms of refugee settlement.

Geopolitics of the Lebanese Crisis: Economic and Energy Perspectives

Vrushal T. Ghoble • Feb 7 2018 • Articles
Effective governance in Lebanon provided fewer opportunities for regional actors to intervene in the country keeping it aloof from the power struggle in the region.

Contract Slavery? On the Political Economy of Domestic Work in Lebanon

Martin Beck • Feb 6 2018 • Articles
The gender dimension of the political economy of foreign domestic work in Lebanon manifests itself in the first instance in an exploitative maternalistic system.

The Saudi-Lebanon Imbroglio and Geopolitical Realignments in West Asia

Ramu C. M. • Dec 29 2017 • Articles
The Saudi-Hariri affair has fueled a lot of resentment among the Lebanese people, supposedly aimed at stoking sectarian tensions to achieve political gains.

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