Opinion – Global Environmental Politics in Times of Coronavirus: Lessons from Mexico

José-Manuel Leal • Jun 19 2020 • Articles
The current pandemic exhibits the strong dependency from transnational companies in the food, and medicine supply.

Researching the Uncertain: Memory and Disappearance in Mexico

Danielle House • Apr 2 2020 • Articles
My project was framed by failure: it was impossible to conceptually and literally to understand the central issue of my project. Yet I tried to work within uncertainty.

Interview – Pablo Nemiña

E-International Relations • Aug 27 2019 • Features
Pablo Nemiña explores the complex relationship between Latin American countries and the IMF, Argentina's economic policy and the country's upcoming presidential elections.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Liberalism and American Imperialism

Jeffrey W. Meiser • Jul 10 2019 • Student Features
US relations with Mexico in the 1910s show how institutional and normative domestic structures restrained the use of violent power.

Review Feature – Organised Crime in Mexico

Richard W. Coughlin • Jan 17 2019 • Features
This review feature examines two books that address developments in organised crime in Mexico, the roots of violence, and the challenges faced by the new government.

Border Crossings: Our Criminals, Their Criminals, and “Good Fences”

Patricia J. Sohn • Sep 1 2018 • Articles
Not all borders are the same. But they all share one thing in common: people will cross them illegally if they can – if only for the fun of it.

Online Resources – The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

E-International Relations • May 12 2018 • Online resources
A brief introduction to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), with links and media to further explore.

Review – Lupe Under the Sun

Francisco Laguna-Correa • Nov 15 2017 • Features
Director Rodrigo Reyes' film portrays a realist yet dreamlike exploration of the everyday activities of an ageing undocumented Mexican labourer in the United States.

Review – Drug War Capitalism

Richard W. Coughlin • Aug 9 2017 • Features
Dawn Paley's book captures the opportunistic capacity of neoliberal decision-makers to advance policy agendas through the War on Drugs in Latin America.

Border Thinking and Vulnerability as a Knowing Otherwise

Rosalba Icaza • Jun 9 2017 • Articles
Border subjectivities are central for a critical re-thinking of the dominant epistemologies of IR as embodied epistemic sites of enunciation in their own right.

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