Military Strategy

Naval Powers: European Landscape Re-shuffled

Eric Thompson • Oct 7 2018 • Articles
After a record amount of peace-time, several historical naval powers have drifted away from military preparedness putting European security at stake.

The Responsibility to Protect Has Turned into a Strategic Mistake

Dan G. Cox and Bruce Stanley • Oct 1 2018 • Articles
R2P has become a strategic conundrum that is being abused by powerful nations to further their own self-interest while it could become a drain on other economies.

North Korea: The Perils of Ignoring the Good Problem

Barry Stentiford • Feb 13 2018 • Articles
Without grappling with the potential “good problem” of the collapse of the DPRK, the United States could find itself winning a war but losing the peace.

Anticipating Future Cyberattacks on the High Seas

Dan G. Cox and Bruce Stanley • Sep 20 2017 • Articles
Assuming away both cyberattacks and an expansion of the gray zone is a sure recipe for experiencing fundamental strategic surprise.

Substituting U.S. Troops for Private Military Contractors in Afghanistan

Bruce Stanley and Dan Cox • Jul 29 2017 • Articles
If U.S troops are substituted for private contractors, then there must be a change to U.S. laws controlling the use of private security contractors in a combat role.

No Easy Victory

Barry Stentiford • Jul 12 2017 • Articles
Strategic leaders and the American public should recognize that ending wars will often result in something different from what was sought at the beginning.

Interview – Katarzyna Zysk

E-International Relations • Feb 11 2017 • Features
Prof. Zysk explains Russia's use of non-military means for strategic ends, its approach to world order and its neigbours, and the influence of the Trump administration.

Interview – Nori Katagiri

E-International Relations • Dec 5 2015 • Features
Dr. Katagiri discusses his latest book on insurgencies, military strategies and cooperation and Japanese-American perceptions on security, politics and the world.

The Dragon’s Teeth: The Growth of China’s Military

Christopher Whyte • Jun 29 2011 • Articles
The massive expansion and technological maturation of PLA land-based aerial and ballistic forces indicates the rise of a “Fortress China” doctrine in Beijing. China sees national defense and regional security as a function of its own ability to control its local periphery.

Are the Seas Becoming a No-Man’s Land?

James Holmes • Jun 18 2011 • Articles
The outlook for maritime Asia appears increasingly desolate. Should China rule the skies while the United States commands the depths, surface fleets on both sides -- not to mention the merchantmen that transport the raw materials and finished goods that sustain our globalized economy -- will be caught in the no-man's land between.

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