The Remote Warfare Paradox: Democracies, Risk Aversion and Military Engagement

Jolle Demmers and Lauren Gould • Jun 20 2020 • Articles
Western democracies’ claims to the moral high ground in respect to the brutality of war are uncalled for. There is no such thing as sophisticated violence.

Remote Warfare and the Utility of Military and Security Contractors

Christopher Kinsey and Helene Olsen • Jun 20 2020 • Articles
There are important ethical, political and legal concerns with military contracting. The most serious of these is the fear that it will lead to a democratic deficit.

Review – The Age of Illusions

Elizabeth Austin • Mar 25 2020 • Features
Bacevich argues that the road from American expectations of global supremacy and perpetual prosperity to the economic realities of the US in 2016 led to Trump's election.

Interview – Kristina Mani

E-International Relations • Jan 13 2020 • Features
Kristina Mani discusses Latin American politics, regional issues and the role of militaries, as well as the benefits of using of films and documentaries in her work.

Review – Russia’s Public Diplomacy: Evolution and Practice

Olga Krasnyak • Oct 22 2019 • Features
This volume highlights historical approaches as well as the distinct features of Russia's public diplomacy, such as its positioning as the guardian of traditional values.

Interview – Mike Martin

E-International Relations • Mar 21 2019 • Features
Mike Martin discusses his career in the British Army and risk management, recent negotiations between the US and the Taliban, and the importance of ideology in conflict.

Interview – Matthew Kearns

E-International Relations • Aug 30 2018 • Features
Matthew Kearns discusses his PhD research on the relationship between military masculinities and recruitment practices in the British Armed Forces and visualizing war.

China’s Military Modernisation

Layla Dawood • Feb 8 2018 • Articles
There is no evidence that internal balancing will not change unipolarity. Future research should explore why internal balancing has been slow in the unipolar system.

10th Anniversary Post – Why E-IR Is Awesome for Us

Dan G. Cox and Bruce Stanley • Dec 18 2017 • Articles
The opportunity to interact with academics and theoreticians on E-IR is integral to preventing discussions on military thought and practices turning into an echo chamber.

Buying our Way Out of Afghanistan?

Neil Snyder • Jul 31 2017 • Articles
A privatization of the Afghanistan war risks signaling that the U.S. is no longer obliged to remain nationally engaged, and can choose whether or not to meet obligations.

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