Interview – Kwame Anthony Appiah

E-International Relations • Oct 15 2019 • Features
Kwame Anthony Appiah talks about cosmopolitanism, identity, moral progress, Afrocentrism, what Black History Month means to him and gives some advice for young scholars.

Interview – Emmanuel R. Goffi

E-International Relations • Feb 21 2016 • Features
Emmaneul Goffi discusses the impact drones are having on modern warfare, the centrality of a constructivist perspective to his work, and the myth of 'supreme sacrifice'.

Review – NGDOs and the Poverty Reduction Agenda

David Lewis • Mar 3 2014 • Features
Makuwira brings new ideas to the discussion of the role of NGOs in development, allowing for a more critical analysis of the relationships between global and local NGOs.

The Fallacy of the Realist-Constructivist Dichotomy: A Rejoinder to Robert Murray

Cecelia Lynch • Aug 19 2013 • Articles
Realism is not dead, but it is as problematic to treat the theory as IR’s “core set of ideas” as it is a fallacy to treat constructivism as a recognizable, distinct, and competing theory.

Review – Ontological Security in International Relations

Luke M. Herrington • Jul 27 2013 • Features
Steele's well-researched book convincingly appends the field's more materialist notions of security, but the merits lie as much with its novel conclusions as they do with the ideas it inspires.

Jus En Bello Isn’t Enough: Human Terrain, COIN and a Reasonable Chance for Success

Brent J. Steele • Aug 6 2012 • Articles
With words like ‘morality’ and 'warfare' peppering the Human Terrain debate, it is surprising that the program hasn’t been widely discussed with reference to the Just War tradition.

Morality and Pragmatism in the Obama Doctrine

Edwin A. Taylor III • Jun 5 2012 • Articles
Speculation remains as to what sort of foreign policy captain President Obama is and whether the president has articulated foreign policy doctrine specific to his administration.

Climate Change, Environmental Security Studies and the Morality of Climate Security

Rita Floyd • Jan 20 2012 • Articles
In popular and political debate climate change is increasingly referred to as a security issue. But thus far climate change does not constitute an objective existential threat, and as such, a securitization of climate change - at least here in the West - is morally unjustifiable.

Do Not Celebrate the Death of a Dictator

Daryl Morini • Oct 24 2011 • Articles
My blood curdled upon seeing images of a dying Gaddafi. So begins the new Libya, drenched in blood, celebrating the death of its 40-year dictator. I am no apologist for the butchers of 9/11, the rapists of Misrata, or the killers of innocent men, women and children worldwide. But I cannot bring myself to glorify death.

Review – Moral Dilemmas of Modern War

Ralph Parlour • Jul 5 2011 • Features
This book attempts to answer the question of ‘who do you bomb when you cannot reach military targets’. Michael L. Gross updates the ethics of just war, improving on traditional accounts for an age where asymmetric conflict is prevalent. Whilst a spirited attempt to resolve this dilemma, it is only partially successful.

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