The Global South as a Political Project

Luciana Ballestrin • Jul 3 2020 • Articles
The Global South is a political project which faces several challenges and is permanently disputed by progressive and regressive forces in the multipolar context.

The Responsibility to Protect in 2020: Thinking Beyond the UN Security Council

Samuel Jarvis • Jun 19 2020 • Articles
The break down in multilateralism forces us to think more expansively about how protection and prevention initiatives can be delivered and supported.

Opinion – Multilateralism as Panacea for COVID-19

Any crisis holds an opportunity, and COVID-19 has the potential to reinvigorate global solidarity and play its part in saving multilateralism from its ultimate demise.

Opinion – Coronavirus: A Global Crisis Waiting for a Global Response

Gisela Hirschmann • Apr 2 2020 • Articles
There are no signs that the UN Security Council is meeting any time soon on the covid-19 crisis, despite the global impact of the corona pandemic for peace and security.

Opinion – Can the Coronavirus Crisis Revive Multilateralism?

Dhanasree Jayaram • Mar 26 2020 • Articles
The call for multilateralism should be reinforced to tackle the far-reaching health, economic, (geo)political, infrastructural and social implications of the coronavirus crisis.

How Well-meaning Donors Create the UN Machinery They Don’t Like

Vytautas Jankauskas and Ronny Patz • Sep 27 2019 • Articles
While states have been increasing financial support to the UN, their shift towards voluntary contributions adds more fuel to the fire of UN bureaucracy that they dislike.

Interview – Hans Carl von Werthern

E-International Relations • Jul 11 2019 • Features
Ambassador Hans Carl von Werthern discusses Germany-Japan relations, proposals for reform of the UN Security Council, and the impact of the Fukushima disaster in Germany.

Trump’s Trade War: US Geoeconomics from Multi- to Unilateralism

Elisabeth Winter • Aug 31 2018 • Articles
Donald Trump has no problem to revoke partnerships. Hence, his strategy may actually end up being right: for the United States, trade wars are good, and easy to win.

Trump and Trade: The End of Multilateral Trade Governance?

Madison Cartwright • Jul 26 2018 • Articles
Contradictory US interests, domestic views on trade, and industry preferences will remain after Trump leaves office, which bodes ill for international trade governance.

The End of the Global Liberal Order?

Mauro F. Guillén • Mar 4 2017 • Articles
The global liberal order still represents the best option for a peaceful and prosperous future, but it will need to be reformed or it will become moribund.

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