Theoretical Explanations of the Prevailing Instability of Myanmar’s Rakhine State

Sinmyung Park • Jun 12 2021 • Articles

Relying on current explanations that do not address the potential historical root causes or complexity of the conflict delays effective political responses.

Local and International Actors Influencing Inter-Communal Relations in Rakhine State

Htet Paing Oo • May 22 2021 • Articles

Local and international actors have historically influenced trends and dynamics of inter-communal relations in the multi-ethnic Rakhine State of Myanmar.

Opinion – Myanmar, ASEAN and the Responsibility to Protect

Simon Adams • May 12 2021 • Articles

It is time to listen to those who are crying out for protection and finally hold Myanmar’s generals accountable for their crimes.

Opinion – Myanmar Needs Actions, Not Words

Khaing Sandi Win Min • Apr 27 2021 • Articles

As the military has turned to inhumanely killing, attacking and torturing civilians, the international community has the moral duty to step in and go beyond statements of condemnation and sanctions.

The Myanmar Conundrum: What Matters, and What Matters Less

Alfredo Zeli • Apr 23 2021 • Articles

As long as the root causes of what has been happening in Burma are not understood, the Myanmar conundrum proves to be mental before anything else.

High Stakes for Media and Expression with Myanmar Coup

Gayathry Venkiteswaran • Mar 9 2021 • Articles

The circumstances in which the public and the media find themselves today are different from prior years. The 2020 election results were an overwhelming endorsement for military-free governance.

Opinion – Beijing’s Position on the Myanmar Coup

Debby S.W. Chan • Mar 6 2021 • Articles

Beijing’s stance on Myanmar is a stark contrast with Western democracies. It once again demonstrates a clash of international norms between China and the West.

The Military Coup in Myanmar: Back to the ‘Normality’ of Autocracy?

Cecilia Ducci and Pak K. Lee • Feb 5 2021 • Articles

Once again the international community seems to be reluctant or unable to take effective measures to ensure the respect for liberal values and democracy in Asia.

Democracy Must Be Defended: Reflecting on Myanmar’s Coup

Patrick Vernon • Feb 4 2021 • Articles

Abhorrence at Suu Kyi’s removal from power seems incongruous with attempts to apportion responsibility for the Rohingya Genocide to her and her civilian government.

Opinion – The Rohingya Conundrum amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sinmyung Park • Aug 7 2020 • Articles

If Myanmar considered taking a much more proactive stance on the repatriation of Rohingya refugees it would achieve both political and economic benefits in the long run.

Opinion – The Politics of Inclusion in Myanmar’s Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement

Ephraim Bassey Emah • Jul 28 2020 • Articles

The agreement could yield negative results for the politics of the country if it fails to achieve effective inclusion of different ethnic groups.

Opinion – Identity Politics and COVID-19 in Myanmar’s Rakhine State

Sinmyung Park • Jun 8 2020 • Articles

All stakeholders should realise that COVID-19 provides a rare opportunity to advance the seemingly impossible goal of peace that the Rakhinese have longed for.

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