Richard Nixon

Review – US Arms Policies Towards the Shah’s Iran

Taylor Fain • Jan 3 2015 • Features
McGlinchey’s book is a valuable and meticulous insight into a complex Cold War relationship that ultimately shows how Iran was able to manipulate its great power patron.

Review Feature – Understanding Iran: A Summary of Recent Scholarship

Stephen McGlinchey • Oct 29 2014 • Features
From perspectives on Nixon, Kissinger and the Shah to the current nuclear stand-off, the four books in this feature offer the latest scholarship on US-Iranian relations.

Reel Presidents: Hollywood Depictions of US Presidents

Iwan Morgan • Oct 24 2013 • Articles
Hollywood’s representation of U.S. presidents has tended to idealize them as great leaders of an exceptional nation. But the developments of the Vietnam-Watergate era forced a rendezvous with reality.

American Ascendance, British Retreat, and the Rise of Iran in the Persian Gulf

Stephen McGlinchey • Nov 15 2010 • Features
Three recent publications provide a fresh perspective of the developments which resulted in the decline of British influence in the Gulf, and the subsequent rise of the US.

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