Papal Politics

Papal Dialogue with Islam: A Long Way to Abu Dhabi, a Long Way to Peace

Mariano P. Barbato • Jun 2 2019 • Articles

Papal dialogue with Islam will not solve all problems but the way to Abu Dhabi has had an impact on the public and political constellation of world politics.

Review – Vatican Diplomacy at the United Nations

Jodok Troy • Dec 5 2013 • Features

Melnyk’s deep knowledge of the issue traces the aspirations of the Holy See at the United Nations to its theological roots, which want the Holy See to be a voice for the defense of human dignity.

Review – Global Institutions of Religion

Jeffrey Haynes • Dec 3 2013 • Features

Marshall’s goal is to provide as comprehensive an overview as possible of what she refers to as ‘global institutions of religion,’ and the variety of infinitely diverse organizations they inspire.

The Catholic Church in International Politics

Alan Chong • Nov 14 2013 • Articles

The Catholic Church sees itself as a universal association of believers in a Christian God, serves to enlarge normative space in IR, and deploys Faith and Hope as values for global society.

The Nature and Role of the Catholic Church and the Holy See in the International Order

Robert John Araujo • Sep 24 2013 • Articles

The Catholic Church has a unique status in international law and relations. Through the international person of the Holy See, the Church exercises sovereignty in international relations.

The Diplomacy of the Holy See in the Modern Era

Francis Rooney • Sep 9 2013 • Articles

The Holy See, lacking a territorial agenda, plays a unique role around the world today, and its diplomacy remains as relevant to humanity in the 21st century as it has been in the past.

Papal Politics, Paul VI, and Vatican II: The Reassertion of Papal Absolutism

Aaron Milavec • Jul 28 2013 • Articles

After Pope John XXIII died, Paul VI used three encyclical letters to defeat the conciliarism of Vatican II, and advance papal absolutism in areas like indulgences, celibacy, and birth control.

In the Footsteps of John XXIII: Pope Francis and the Embodiment of Vatican II

John Borelli • May 16 2013 • Articles

Pope Francis resembles Pope John XXIII more than any other pope of the past 50 years, and signs are positive he will be a shining example for interreligious dialogue and social justice.

Pope Francis: Radical and Conservative

Richard W. Moodey • May 16 2013 • Articles

In his actions on the world stage the conservatism of Pope Francis will overshadow his radicalism, but he has shown a radical side by taking the name of St. Francis of Assisi.

The Impact of Benedict XVI’s Resignation on Papal Politics

John V. Apczynski • Apr 23 2013 • Articles

Catholicism is comprised of two churches—a church of doctrines and a church of devotion—and Benedict XVI’s resignation may prove to be the most significant event in the struggle between the two.

Invisible Legions: The Pope and International Relations

Jodok Troy • Apr 10 2013 • Articles

The election of Pope Francis is obviously significant for millions of Roman Catholics all over the world, but its importance for international relations is not immediately apparent.

Pope Pius XII, the Holocaust, and the Identity Question in the Catholic Church

Daniel D. Trifan • Mar 26 2013 • Articles

It is important to understand the larger issues implicit within the controversy caused by Pius XII’s failure to condemn the Holocaust, such as the ongoing search for identity in the Church.

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