Student Mobility and Its Relevance to International Relations Theory

Nancy Snow • Dec 5 2021 • Articles

State centric power politics and regional hegemony will likely continue to drive student mobility growth and influence.

Interview – Jan Lüdert

E-International Relations • Nov 15 2021 • Features

Jan Lüdert discusses normative practices of appropriateness, challenges to state sovereignty, decision-making in the United Nations, and pedagogies in international relations.

The Appeals and the Limits of Digital Education in the Post-Covid Era

Sirvan Karimi • Jul 28 2021 • Articles

Contrary to the views of its exponents, online teaching neither reduces educational costs nor enhances the learning capacity of students.

The Politics of Teaching International Relations in the Arab World: A Critique

Ahmed M. Abozaid • May 20 2021 • Articles

We live in a global system that constantly pushes one towards silencing non-Western voices and rendering their contributions invisible.

What English Language Teachers Can Teach IR about Pedagogy

Daniel Clausen • May 9 2021 • Articles

At their core, English language teachers (and their IR active learning compatriots) believe that more people should be empowered to speak, and should help others find their voice.

Fostering Ontological Agility: A Pedagogical Imperative

Tamara A. Trownsell • May 5 2021 • Articles

It is our pedagogical duty to teach future graduates of IR programs how to be ontologically plural and endow them with the crucial life skill of ontological resilience and versatility.

Marks That Matter: Slow Letters to Authors and Selves

Erzsébet Strausz • Apr 29 2021 • Articles

Texts, letters, and video messages are “objects” only: objects of knowledge that we engage and produce, which also constantly point towards and circle back to life.

New Book – Signature Pedagogies in International Relations

Jan Lüdert • Apr 28 2021 • Articles

This edited volume builds on recent Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research to showcase a range of teaching and learning approaches in International Relations.

Teaching International Relations as a Liberal Art

Lisa MacLeod • Apr 16 2021 • Articles

Teaching International Relations as a liberal art is about nurturing your students’ love of learning and coaching them to become better critical thinkers and communicators.

Now Recruiting – Editorial Assistants

E-International Relations • Apr 6 2021 • Features

We are looking for students, at any level, to join us in collating resources such as podcasts, clips and other open sources that we can use to compile for our readers in a new section of the website.

Enhancing Creativity and Communication Skills Through IR Signature Pedagogies

IR teachers should help improve creativity, written and oral skills in a landscape where graduates will have to show their expertise to get a job.

Black Lives Matter, Poetry, and Pedagogy: On Gil Scott-Heron and Global Protests

Lee Jones and Matthew Leep • Jul 10 2020 • Articles

While Gil Scott-Heron’s work contends with the sociopolitical brutalities of racism, it also signals toward the possibilities (and impossibilities) of change.

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