Call for Contributors on Signature Pedagogies in International Relations

Jan Lüdert • Apr 17 2020 • Articles
We are seeking contributors for an open access edited volume, published with E-International Relations that will build on recent Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoT…

Student and Faculty Experiences of the Coronavirus Shutdown

E-International Relations • Mar 25 2020 • Student Features
As the coronavirus issue grew into a pandemic and our team experienced the shutdown of their universities, we collected some vignettes that we hope you will find useful.

Let’s Talk: Transformative Leadership and International Relations

Jan Lüdert • Feb 4 2020 • Articles
By exploring transformative leaders’ practice, students gain a deeper understanding when, how, and under what conditions political or social transformation takes place.

Interview – Judith Suissa

E-International Relations • Sep 1 2019 • Features
Prof. Judith Suissa talks about philosophy of education, as well as the intersections between politics, parent-child relationships, classical anarchism and globalisation.

Getting the Most Out of Class Discussion

Daniel Clausen • Apr 8 2019 • Articles
Good and bad discussions seem to occur at all levels, introductory levels, advanced classes, even graduate classes. For teaching academics, this raises some interesting issues.

What to Do When You Don’t Like a Topic You Teach?

Gustav Meibauer • Mar 12 2019 • Articles
Some dislike very narrow things, such as single concepts, specific time periods or empirical cases. Others dislike broad theories, large-scale phenomena, and entire (sub-)disciplines.

Working with and Supporting Teaching Assistants

Benedict Docherty • Feb 14 2019 • Articles
Working with Teaching Assistants means considering an additional set of issues, but this time is well worth the while.

Interview – Siddharth Mallavarapu

E-International Relations • May 27 2018 • Features
Siddharth Mallavarapu discusses non-western International Relations, Indian conceptions of IR, and the pedagogical challenges of teaching IR in the Global South.

Do Contemporary Practices of Schooling Reinforce Colonial Relations of Power?

Elena Mather • Oct 3 2017 • Essays
Contemporary practices of schooling reflect ethnocentrism as universal truth, reinforcing power relations that resulted from colonial rule by maintaining binaries.

Teaching Our Students to Critique Again

Dillon Tatum • Jun 26 2017 • Articles
Failing to teach our international relations/politics is a failure to guide students in the process of developing their own value judgments.

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