Pink Tide

Review – Latin American Extractivism

Richard W. Coughlin • Jun 4 2021 • Features

Steve Ellner’s edited work provides an insightful, if not wholly convincing, argument against dismissing the pink tide and the associated approach to extractivism in Latin America.

Interview – John M. Kirk

E-International Relations • Feb 26 2020 • Features

John M. Kirk discusses the new constitution in Cuba, the country’s shifting relationships in the region, US-Cuban relations, and the alleged ‘sonic attacks’ on diplomats.

Interview – Antoni Kapcia

E-International Relations • Nov 17 2016 • Features

Antoni Kapcia discusses the recent détente between Cuba and the US, considers the future of Cuba’s leadership, and emphasizes the unique nature of the Cuban system.

The ‘Pink Tide’ and Brazil’s Workers’ Party

Victor Strazzeri • Jul 8 2016 • Articles

Moderation and not quick change of the Workers’ Party has been a key factor in the turning of the tide for progressive change in Brazilian shores.

Interview – Susan Spronk

E-International Relations • Jan 13 2016 • Features

Professor Spronk discusses Latin American ’21st Century Socialism’, reflects on struggles against water privatization, and assesses the role of the BRICS in world order.

Review – Neoliberal Hegemony and the Pink Tide in Latin America

Laurence Goodchild • Aug 4 2015 • Features

Rooted in a stimulating neo-Gramscian framework, Chodor’s analysis eschews generalizations and puts forward a compelling case for how the pink tide should be understood.

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