Catalonia: From Secessionism to Secession?

Marc Sanjaume-Calvet • Jan 15 2016 • Articles

Secessionists consider unilateral actions as a possibility, but the costs of a non-negotiated break-up, without a Spanish recognition, would be high in the EU context.

Interview – Michael Hardt

E-International Relations • Nov 11 2015 • Features

Michael Hardt discusses the changing forms of global structures since writing Empire with Negri and the interactions between social movements, politics and academics.

The European Left after Recession and Representation: Social Democracy or Bust?

David Bailey • Jun 14 2015 • Articles

The less austere management of European capitalism would amount to an attempt to revive the spirit of social democracy, despite it having been exposed as a dead end.

Syriza, Podemos, Venceremos? Syriza and the Future of the European Left

Nikolaos Nikolakakis • May 6 2015 • Articles

Syriza’s victory could, provoke a series of chain reactions inside the EU. Nonetheless, it is its success that could really provoke a European-wide political earthquake.

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