Returning to Realism: The Other Face of the Ukraine Crisis

Mohamed Mahad D. Darar • Jun 12 2022 • Articles

An upgrade in US thinking to view Russia as a contemporary country with present-day policy goals as opposed to just an irredentist dying regime should be considered.

Theories of Global Politics

Kevin Bloor • May 15 2022 • Articles

A beginner’s guide to realism and liberalism, incorporating insights from some of the critical theoretical paradigms within International Relations.

From Ukraine to Taiwan: Legacy as a Driver of Foreign Policy Behaviour

Chietigj Bajpaee • Mar 9 2022 • Articles

With global attention focussed on Ukraine, Xi’s efforts to reinstate a Sino-centric regional order by recovering ‘lost lands’, including Taiwan should not be overlooked.

Review – Hans Kelsen’s Political Realism

Felix Rösch • Jul 22 2021 • Features

Schuett’s work highlights Kelsen’s often overlooked contributions to IR, but raises questions over the conflation of strands of realist thought and the pessimism of mid-century thinkers.

Realist Perspectives on Trump’s Illiberal Counterrevolution

Petar Popović • Mar 25 2021 • Articles

What Trump achieved in his four years as president was to expose the hypocrisy of Liberal hegemony and mark a new era of ideas and practices that have yet to be internalized.

The Irrelevance of Soft Power

Ilan Manor and Guy J. Golan • Oct 19 2020 • Articles

The 21st century will be characterized by competition among China, India and the US. The question facing every nation is what they can offer to pave the way towards new strategic alliances.

Fear as Driver of International Relations

Muqtedar Khan and Isa Haskologlu • Sep 2 2020 • Articles

Fear is a primal instinct that is necessary for survival and it shapes human choices and actions in all spheres of life, including international relations.

From Realism’s Disciplinary Dominance to a More Global IR

Michiel Foulon and Gustav Meibauer • Jul 23 2020 • Articles

If realists forgo exploring new avenues to address criticism, they may miss opportunities to contribute to a more global discipline and to better explain grand strategy beyond the West.

Nature Plays Last: Realism, Post-Realism, Post-Pandemic

Francis A. Beer and Robert Hariman • Jun 7 2020 • Articles

COVID 19 is a crisis for both world politics and for international relations theory. Pandemic effects make it evident that theorists have ignored crucial actors and phenomena.

Opinion – Challenges to the Realist Perspective During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Gazala Fareedi • May 6 2020 • Articles

The pandemic has truly made us question the limiting theories of global politics which posits self-regarding/egoistic behavior by states as the only natural behavior.

Opinion – Realism and the Coronavirus Crisis

Frederick Kliem • Apr 11 2020 • Articles

While it cannot help to solve the problem, IR theory can aid our understanding of how states behave amidst the global Covid-19 crisis.

Review – Quantum Mind and Social Science

Rainer Ricardo • Mar 10 2020 • Features

Alexander Wendt claims the supremacy of scientific realism by establishing a synthesis between two irreconcilable ontologies: the physical and social.

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