The Valorisation of Intimacy: How to Make Sense of Disdain, Distance and ‘Data’

Emma Mc Cluskey • Apr 14 2020 • Articles

A practical and collective reflexivity is indispensable to the type of embedded, ethnographic fieldwork so many of us are now undertaking in the field of IR.

Global Displacement, COVID-19 and the Risk of a False-positive Flattened Curve

Ali Al Bayaa • Mar 25 2020 • Articles

Any meaningful global health strategy to combat Coronavirus must take the potential risk to refugees and other vulnerable groups into consideration.

Jus Post Bellum and Responsibilities to Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Laura E. Alexander and Kristopher Norris • Feb 6 2020 • Articles

Pope Francis draws on jus post bellum to demand that states who intervene militarily in the affairs of others, take responsibility for those displaced by intervention.

Competing Logics of Security toward Syrian Refugees in Turkey and Lebanon

Sefa Secen • Dec 20 2019 • Articles

Turkey’s and Lebanon’s high levels of political polarization could engender competing logics of security and increase Syrian refugees’ vulnerability to instability.

Interview – Laurence Payot

E-International Relations • Dec 18 2019 • Features

Artist Laurence Payot talks about her projects gathering stories from refugees and displaced people across the UK, identity, and the ways art can influence politics.

The Global Compact on Refugees and Latin America

Refugee protection might be enhanced in Latin America, but perhaps inspirations can also arise to be replicated globally in improving the chances of success of the GCR.

The Cartagena Declaration at 35 and Refugee Protection in Latin America

If refugees are not being adequately protected it is more a result of lack of political will and of political choices than a lack of regimes of humanitarian action.

Review – From Righteousness to Far Right

Alvina Hoffmann • Aug 29 2019 • Features

Mc Cluskey proposes an anthropological rethinking of critical security studies by focusing on the response of a small Swedish village to 100 resettled Syrian refugees.

Demography, Migration and Security in the Middle East

Addressing the impact of current population patterns on Middle Eastern communities and migration in the region is imperative for achieving security and stability.

Interview – George Butler

E-International Relations • May 20 2019 • Features

Reportage artist, George Butler, talks to us about his work drawing the news in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, as well the future for young Syrians and his Hands Up Foundation.

Interview – Kate Ferguson

E-International Relations • May 8 2019 • Features

Kate Ferguson talks to us about identity-based violence, the rise in mass-atrocities, the effectiveness of R2P, and the relationship between academia and policy-making.

Interview – Emma Mc Cluskey

E-International Relations • Oct 4 2018 • Features

Emma Mc Cluskey talks about her forthcoming book Righteousness to Far Right, anthropological approaches to International Political Sociology and radical reflexivity.

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