Regionalism and the European Union

Kevin Bloor • May 21 2022 • Articles

The European Union, and its role within the global system, has provided a blueprint for diverse forms of regional integration across the world.

Subsidiarity and European Governance: Export and Investment Promotion Agencies

Maximilian Bossdorf • Mar 19 2021 • Articles

The concept of subsidiarity works as a compass steering the fluid transfer of authority in promotion systems with strong vertical dynamics.

Comparative Regionalism’s Decolonial Turn: A Proposition

Densua Mumford • Oct 3 2020 • Articles

Through increased dialogue across various regions, comparative regionalism might evolve from being a field of colonial constructs to becoming a field of pluralistic dialogue.

What Are the Hindrances to the Study of Regionalism?

Albert Hayrapetyan • Oct 2 2020 • Articles

The increased interest in the study of regionalism and its conceptual, theoretical and methodological problems pose a serious challenge to this relatively new field.

Mercosur-Pacific Alliance Convergence: Moving Forward or Moving Nowhere?

Julia Borba Goncalves • Jul 24 2020 • Articles

The Mercosur-Pacific Alliance’s ‘Plan of Action’ provides the opportunity to reestablish regional coordination and integration in Latin America.

Review – Russia Abroad

Galina Bogatova • Apr 13 2020 • Features

A meaningful contribution to regionalism studies that reveals the overlooked patterns of the marginal “subordinate” states’ agency in relation to the great powers.

Review – The Bivocal Nation

Stéphane Voell • Jan 28 2020 • Features

Batiashvili explores Georgian statehood and history by evaluating Georgian national narratives and ‘bivocality’ to understand how the modern nation has been formed.

Latin American Integration: The Dilemma

Luis Fernando Vargas-Alzate • Oct 10 2019 • Articles

Latin American integration is difficult due to lack of conceptual comprehension (by practitioners) and low political commitment, especially regarding supra-nationalism.

Latin American Regionalism Under the New Right

Bárbara C. Neves and Karen Honório • Sep 27 2019 • Articles

The autonomy void present in the current forms of regionalism in Latin America puts the region’s societies in a position of dependency to non-national projects.

Student Feature – Spotlight on ASEAN

Robert Yates • Jul 27 2019 • Student Features

ASEAN is a prominent case of successful regionalism, yet debates persist over its ability to integrate members and improve relations between China and the United States.

Interview – Raúl Salgado

E-International Relations • May 2 2019 • Features

Raúl Salgado talks to us about geopolitics and regionalism in Latin America, the role of small states in regional integration, UNASUR, and Brazil’s role within BRICS.

The End of Pax Americana or a New Realignment?

Maurizio Geri • Feb 26 2017 • Articles

The international shift from cooperation to conflict that Trump’s administration has made is based on the continuation of the Obama administration, with opposite means.

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