Saudi Arabia

Opinion – Is the Next Middle East War on the Horizon?

Glen Segell • Dec 4 2020 • Articles

The assassination of Iran’s nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh amidst high profile Israeli-Saudi diplomacy may be omens for escalation in the Middle East.

Opinion – Saudi Arabia’s Pivot to Asia

Nadeem Ahmed Moonakal • Sep 29 2020 • Articles

Upon celebrating its 90th anniversary, the Kingdom’s pivot to Asia reflects the intent of securing long-term economic and strategic cooperation with Asian powers.

The Crime of Hunger: Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis

Johan Leijon • Sep 17 2020 • Articles

The situation in Yemen exemplifies the effect of human involvement and shows that mass hunger is actor-driven and not a natural phenomenon.

Opinion – The Contours of the Saudi Arabia-Pakistan Relationship

Nadeem Ahmed Moonakal • Feb 20 2020 • Articles

With India causing discomfort to Islamabad, the long-standing Islamic alliance will continue on the basis of strategic, political and economic convergences that are crucial for both countries.

Israel and the Arab Gulf: An Israeli-Saudi Alliance in the Making?

Martin Beck • Nov 8 2019 • Articles

A strategic alliance between the Gulf States and Israel would be a first major step toward Israel’s transformation into the leading Middle Eastern regional power.

The Post-Khashoggi US-Saudi Relationship and the Limits of a Moral Response

Omar Sedky • Apr 1 2019 • Articles

The U.S – Saudi relationship began in the 1970s and the death of Mr. Khashoggi threatens future cooperation. If HR 7070 is passed, American security assistance would end.

OPEC+ and Beyond: How and Why Oil Prices Are High

Martin Beck • Jan 24 2019 • Articles

Assessments of recent developments in oil prices are problematic as delineations of the effects of market forces often lack sufficient complexity.

Online Resources – Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

E-International Relations • Aug 24 2018 • Online resources

A brief introduction to OPEC, Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, with links and media to further explore.

Trump’s Foreign Policy Mantra: ‘Whoever Pays For It!’

Mohsen Solhdoost • Jul 24 2018 • Articles

Key strands of Trump’s specific vision to make foreign policy have been fundamentally undermining the American-led liberal world order.

Authoritarian Reformism in Saudi Arabia

Ben Rich • Jul 23 2018 • Articles

With Vision 2030, the Saudi administration emulates previous successes in a renegotiation of the social contract within the Kingdom that preserves authoritarian rule.

Saudi-Iranian Relations after the Rise of Mohammad Bin Salman

Simon Mabon • Jul 17 2018 • Articles

Whilst Saudi Arabia is experiencing existential transformations in political and social life, the Middle East faces an increasingly precarious period.

Saudi Arabia’s ‘Vision 2030’: Will It Save Or Sink the Middle East?

Mohammed Nuruzzaman • Jul 10 2018 • Articles

‘Vision 2030’ is a Janus-faced transformational program. It is poised to mildly or hardly shake up the Middle East, whether it fails or succeeds.

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