Interview – Benjamin Barton

E-International Relations • Oct 3 2021 • Features

Benjamin Barton talks about China’s Belt and Road and Maritime Silk Road Initiatives, as well as China’s relations with India and the EU.

Interview – Chitralekha Zutshi

E-International Relations • Aug 28 2021 • Features

Chitralekha Zutshi talks about the making of Kashmiri identity, the Kashmir conflict, and the significance of recent constitutional changes made by the BJP.

Review – Security as Politics: Beyond the State of Exception

Sasikumar S. Sundaram • Aug 24 2021 • Features

Andrew Neal’s thought-provoking book critiques the view of security as anti-politics and instead focuses on parliamentary politics and recent shifts in security practices.

Interview – Alan Philps

E-International Relations • Jul 21 2021 • Features

Alan Philps talks about his career in journalism, current challenges facing journalists, Britain’s role in the world, and the US approach to climate change.

Interview – Saloni Kapur

E-International Relations • Jun 10 2021 • Features

Saloni Kapur explains how an English School appoach enhances our understanding of security, the implications of dehumanising terrorists, and regional cooperation on countering terrorism in South Asia.

Provoking to Avoid War: North Korea’s Hybrid Security Strategies

Sico van der Meer • May 22 2021 • Articles

An important feature of North Korea’s hybrid strategy is that it is continuously adapting to ever-changing circumstances, and as such it has not become outdated.

Interview – Joshua Busby

E-International Relations • May 16 2021 • Features

Josua Busby talks about climate security, the role of militaries in achieving it, those most at risk from climate change, and he looks ahead to COP26.

Interview – Rita Floyd

E-International Relations • May 2 2021 • Features

Rita Floyd talks about just securitization theory, whether Covid-19 has been morally securitised, and the ‘loosening of security.’

Review – Paramilitarism: Mass Violence in the Shadow of the State

John Paul Newman • Apr 30 2021 • Features

Üngör’s book presents a comprehensive account of the history and organisation of paramilitarism, tackling many of the difficulties faced when studying the subject.

State Social Media and National Security Strategy: Israel’s Operation Protective Edge

Marisa Tramontano • Apr 20 2021 • Articles

The IDF’s imagery showcases the durable background symbols that make social media posts powerful, effective, and convincing.

Interview – Ava Patricia Avila

E-International Relations • Apr 11 2021 • Features

Ava Patricia Avila sets out the reasons for the steady military buildup by several Southeast Asian states, the impact on ASEAN, as well as the ways a gender perspective can enrich research on civil-military relations.

Interview – Carisa Nietsche

E-International Relations • Apr 3 2021 • Features

Carisa Nietsche considers Chinese and US foreign policy and their influence in Europe, as well as threats to democracy in the region.

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