Review – US Arms Policies Towards the Shah’s Iran

Taylor Fain • Jan 3 2015 • Features
McGlinchey’s book is a valuable and meticulous insight into a complex Cold War relationship that ultimately shows how Iran was able to manipulate its great power patron.

Review Feature – Understanding Iran: A Summary of Recent Scholarship

Stephen McGlinchey • Oct 29 2014 • Features
From perspectives on Nixon, Kissinger and the Shah to the current nuclear stand-off, the four books in this feature offer the latest scholarship on US-Iranian relations.

Iran and Britain: The Politics of Oil and Coup D’état after the Fall of Reza Shah

Maysam Behravesh • Dec 2 2010 • Articles
Mosaddeq’s preoccupation with the nationalization of Iran’s oil sector derived from his belief that such a venture, once realized, could bring economic prosperity, national autonomy and political sovereignty in its wake. The loss of Abadan Oil Refinery dealt Britain's prestige a stinging blow at a time when it was struggling to adapt itself to the disintegration of empire and come to terms with the ascendance of the US

Iran and Britain: The Politics of Oil and Coup D’état before the Fall of Reza Shah

Maysam Behravesh • Nov 9 2010 • Articles
British strategy in the Middle East consolidated around a sustained effort to prevent any adversarial penetration into the Persian Gulf, defending its position athwart the principal lines of communication and supply between Northern Europe and British India, and to protect the newly discovered Persian oil that was used to power the Royal Navy

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