Sino-Japanese Relations

The Transnational in China’s Foreign Policy: The Case of Sino-Japanese Relations

Casper Wits • Apr 10 2019 • Articles
Relations between the People's Republic of China and Japan seem to display a plethora of unresolved issues that strain the ties between the two countries.

Evolution of Sino-Japanese Relations: Implications for Northeast Asia and Beyond

Nori Katagiri • Apr 10 2019 • Articles
China and Japan regularly hold bilateral talks and participate in multilateral discussions about regional cooperation, but trust deficits keep the two nations apart.

Statue Politics vs. East Asian Security: The Growing Role of China

Thomas J. Ward and William D. Lay • Mar 8 2019 • Articles
China's goals in jumping on the official comfort women bandwagon are arguably strategic, helping support the growing divide between Japan and Korea.

The ‘History Problem’ in Sino-Japanese Relations: What’s the Problem?

Karl Gustafsson • Oct 31 2016 • Articles
The understanding of the history problem changes over time in Japan and in China even though there appears to be some stability concerning the important issues.

Review – Bridging Troubled Waters

Ralf Emmers • Jan 12 2015 • Features
Manicom's optimistic work determines that careful conflict management could serve to abate tensions in the East China Sea, avoiding a worsening in Sino-Japanese conflict.

Rethinking Change and Continuity in Japanese Defense Policy and Politics

Daniel Clausen • Aug 25 2014 • Articles
Japan has been following a deliberate course in the reform of its defense policy. This has emphasized gradual change over revolutionary breaks. More changes are to come.

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