South Sudan

The United Nations, Self-Determination, State Failure and Secession

Ed Brown • May 29 2020 • Articles
Secessionist states are unlikely to gain membership as the principle of territorial integrity holds primacy, initially showing it to be a foe to self-determination.

Self-Determination as a Process: The United Nations in South Sudan

Kerstin Tomiak • Mar 10 2020 • Articles
In South Sudan, self-determination was ensured only to have it violated by external powers. These interferences did not help end the conflict; rather they made it worse.

The Impact of Omar Bashir’s Overthrow on Peace in South Sudan

Matthew LeRiche • May 26 2019 • Articles
The revolution in Sudan does not seem to have any radical effect on the South Sudan peace process, however, political dynamics suggest it will be negatively impacted.

Ethiopia and the South Sudanese Civil War

Aly Verjee • Nov 30 2017 • Articles
Should there be military interventions by South Sudan’s immediate neighbours and potentially even more distant states, it is unclear how an already multi-layered conflict would end.

South Sudan in Turmoil: The Risk of a Congo-like Regional Crisis

Kalewongel Minale • Jul 16 2014 • Articles
The stakes in the South Sudanese conflict are high. The peace process needs to be revitalized and rigorously pursued to bring a lasting settlement to the conflict.

South Sudan: Struggling to Stay Alive

Mukesh Kapila • May 24 2014 • Articles
The Republic of South Sudan is fighting to survive. The crisis in the world's newest nation is essentially a problem of governance, not a natural disaster.

Statebuilding Failure in South Sudan

Roberto Belloni • Apr 17 2014 • Articles
When South Sudan gained independence, it was easy to predict that the path towards the construction of a new state would have been full of obstacles.

South Sudan: The Perils of New States

Gilbert M. Khadiagala • Apr 15 2014 • Articles
With functional and participatory institutions, South Sudan may well reclaim itself as a diverse nation within the regional and international environment.

Explaining the Political Crisis in South Sudan

S.N. Sangmpam • Mar 1 2014 • Articles
To prevent conflicts like the one in South Sudan, SSA must devise an institutional framework capable of diluting tribes’ expectations for equal control of political power.

Can South Sudan Come Back from the Brink?

Sarah Washburne • Feb 17 2014 • Articles
The politicians in Juba are refusing to admit that this recent surge of violence is fueled by tribalism. Indeed, South Sudan is on the brink of civil war and state failure.

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