Space Stations and International Politics

Aleksander M. Lubojemski • Oct 23 2021 • Articles

It is difficult not to see the symbolism of a decaying ISS under American leadership and a materialising Chinese Tiangong with more and more countries wishing to participate.

Interview – Edythe E. Weeks

E-International Relations • Dec 15 2020 • Features

Edythe Weeks discusses development and competition in outer space and the polar regions, cybersecurity, and misconceptions around the Cold War space race.

Opinion – The Unimpressive Nature of the Artemis Accords

John Hickman • Oct 19 2020 • Articles

The document, purporting to articulate international norms for the development of the Moon, Mars and other celestial objects of economic interest, risks being no more than a fiction.

Review – War in Space: Strategy, Spacepower, Geopolitics

Augusto Dall’Agnol • Sep 5 2020 • Features

Bowen provides a masterful contribution through his presentation of a Clausewitzian spacepower theory.

Reprogramming the World: Legal Terrains

P.J. Blount • Dec 6 2019 • Articles

The legal landscape of Cyberspace is a multidimensional geography that can rewrite the jurisdictional patterns established as accepted in international governance.

The Weird and Wonderful Virtues of Human Geography

Daniel Clausen • Oct 14 2017 • Articles

When one reads Human Geography seriously, one is more open to the creative dance of complex causes and open to lumpy landscapes.

Review – Space Warfare in the 21st Century: Arming the Heavens

Bleddyn E. Bowen • Apr 12 2017 • Features

A fair introductory text for newcomers to space security, but for those already experienced in space policy the arguments and controversies will be quite familiar.

Playing with Exclusionary Logics: Alternative Spatio-Temporal Understandings

Aoileann Ní Mhurchú • Feb 5 2016 • Articles

An alternative spatio-temporal imagery is an ‘invitation to become lost in the world’. Everyday experiences drive the need to rethink our understanding in and of IR.

Student Input into Teaching Materials

Stephen McGlinchey • Mar 26 2015 • Articles

Trusting the student voice (with a tiny bit of steering) and trying new things has paid off in multiple ways for me, and hopefully for the students in my classes too.

A Critical Exploration of the London Olympic Park, Part One

Pip Thornton • Apr 8 2014 • Articles

In March 2014, students from Royal Holloway joined forces with students from the University of Cergy-Pontoise, Paris, on an exercise in critical security mapping.

Regime Theory and the Study of Outer Space Politics

Jill Stuart • Sep 10 2013 • Articles

The politics of outer space are not as ‘out there’ as some may think. As neutral territory where multiple actors have interests, the notion of regimes provides enduring explanatory purchase.

How Does IR Relate to Space Exploration in the 21st Century?

Joan Johnson-Freese • Jul 19 2013 • Articles

For any country to neglect the soft power dimensions of space is done at the country’s long-term peril. Clearly, Asian countries understand this premise.

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