Review – War in Space: Strategy, Spacepower, Geopolitics

Augusto Dall’Agnol • Sep 5 2020 • Features

Bowen provides a masterful contribution through his presentation of a Clausewitzian spacepower theory.

Review – The Future of War

Jack Howarth • Feb 29 2020 • Features

Freedman employs an inter-disciplinary approach to explore the many failed predictions on the future of war and encourages a healthy scepticism towards them.

Interview – Céline Pajon

E-International Relations • Jun 13 2019 • Features

Céline Pajon talks to us about the impact of Abenomics, France-Japan relations, as well as Japan’s increasing assertiveness and France’s role in the Asia-Pacific region.

A Middle Path? US Public Opinion and Grand Strategy

Ionut Popescu • Mar 3 2019 • Articles

A closer examination of recent public opinion date actually shows that the American people favor a “middle path” rather than either of the two preferred grand strategies.

The Day after Tomorrow: The EU and the Iran Nuclear Deal

Victor Gigleux • Sep 18 2018 • Articles

The EU should lead a multi-dimensional diplomacy to rebuild trust and secure the participation of the original signatories on the basis of a more comprehensive agreement.

US and Russia: The Gray Zone Spiral Toward Open War

Dan G. Cox and Bruce Stanley • Mar 7 2018 • Articles

While many view Russian use of the Gray Zone as a strategic conundrum, such conflicts can logically lead to open warfare.

10th Anniversary Post – Why E-IR Is Awesome for Us

Dan G. Cox and Bruce Stanley • Dec 18 2017 • Articles

The opportunity to interact with academics and theoreticians on E-IR is integral to preventing discussions on military thought and practices turning into an echo chamber.

The (Near) Impossibility of a Coherent National Strategy, and Why That Is Okay

Jason Schultz • Jul 24 2017 • Articles

Instead of worrying about developing a Grand Strategy, leaders and pundits should worry about tackling problems on a day-to-day basis.

No Easy Victory

Barry Stentiford • Jul 12 2017 • Articles

Strategic leaders and the American public should recognize that ending wars will often result in something different from what was sought at the beginning.

Why Russian Hybrid Warfare Is a Threat To … Russia.

Dan G. Cox and Bruce Stanley • Jun 6 2017 • Articles

Hybrid warfare was a long-term strategic miscalculation and Putin and his successors will likely regret the expenditures that this strategy has produced.

The Art of Strategy

Dan G. Cox and Bruce Stanley • May 16 2017 • Articles

In a world full of transitions, it is important to add more voices to the chorus of those that observe world events and are concerned with the potential of future conflict.

Calendar Time, Cultural Sensibilities, and Strategies of Persuasion

Kevin Birth • Jul 27 2016 • Articles

The relationship of time, politics and globalisation involves the interaction of the global imposition of a Western timescale and local ideas of timekeeping.

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