Sustainable Development

Opinion – The Hypocrisy of the UK Government’s Plans for Girl’s Education in the Global South

Keya Khandaker • Jul 19 2021 • Articles

Girls‘ education is instrumentalised to mask deep financial cuts for aid agencies and shift the burden of responsibility.

Interview – Mohammad Tarikul Islam

E-International Relations • Jun 15 2021 • Features

Tarik Islam discusses participatory rural development, the importance of citizen participation, localizing the SDGs in Bangladesh and the need for non-traditional methodologies.

Interview – Victor Khodayar-Pardo

E-International Relations • May 10 2021 • Features

Victor Khodayar-Pardo discusses his work for the United Nations, including the organisation’s response to Covid-19, environmental issues and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Interview – Achim Steiner

E-International Relations • Feb 7 2016 • Features

Achim Steiner discusses the outcomes of the recent Paris Climate Conference, the role of philanthropy in combating climate change, and the concept of the Anthropocene.

Global Ambition and National Differentiation in the Paris Agreement and the SDGs

Graham Long • Feb 5 2016 • Articles

The apparent success in reaching the Paris Agreement as well as the UN sustainable development goals should be treated with caution

The Sustainable Development Goals: An Assessment of Ambition

Mitu Sengupta • Jan 18 2016 • Articles

The SDGs provide global recognition to a broad spectrum of achievements, besides economic growth, that have come to be associated with ‘development’.

Lessons for Sustainable Development from the UN’s Global Desertification Regime

David Benson and Lei Xie • Jul 26 2014 • Essays

There is significant potential to link the global regimes for climate, biodiversity, trade, and water, in order to facilitate a broader sustainable development agenda.

United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification: Issues and Challenges

Kannan Ambalam • Apr 30 2014 • Articles

Institutionalisation processes and the North-South debate limit the optimal deployment of the Convention in addressing poverty and ensuring sustainable development.

One Year After RIO+20: Is Sustainable Development on Track In India?

P.K. Gautam • Jul 4 2013 • Articles

The idea of sustainable development might be rhetorical. With that in mind, there may be very little substance for the UN or other agencies to showcase.

Assessing Rio Plus 20

Peter M. Haas • Aug 6 2012 • Articles

It is too early to tell whether the Rio Plus 20 conference has been a success or failure. Assessing its impact rests on the question of whether or not political actors are able to build from the conference.

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