Sino-Taiwan Chequebook Diplomacy in the Pacific

Saber Salem • Jun 22 2020 • Articles
As the Sino-Taiwan aid competition in the Pacific intensifies, Beijing hopes that Taipei will give up its secessionist drive under immense diplomatic pressure.

Opinion – Taiwan Could Be to China What Canada Is to the US

Kristian McGuire • Mar 11 2020 • Articles
If Beijing were willing to learn from the American example, it could pave the way to a relationship with Taiwan comparable to that of the US with Canada.

Opinion – Why Tsai Ing-wen’s Victory is a Blessing for the Taiwan Strait

Yu-Hua Chen • Mar 6 2020 • Articles
The role deterrence plays in maintaining the stability over the Taiwan Strait is clear as China has not unified Taiwan by force because it is ever-more unable to.

African Democratisation and the One China Policy

Bhaso Ndzendze • Jan 24 2020 • Articles
Democratisation and electoral competitiveness in African states has led to a growth in the recognition of China.

How Long Will the Dragon Wait? China and the Retrocession of Taiwan

Strobe Driver • May 21 2019 • Articles
The intent of China gaining Taiwan is a sacrosanct part of politico-policy and therefore China will retain its ‘total war’ attitude to the crisis. 

Malawi and the One China Policy: 1964–2008

Bhaso Ndzendze • Apr 22 2019 • Articles
Using Malawi as a case study, can economics account for why Taiwan has seemingly lost in the diplomatic battle for recognition against China in Africa?

The Unusual Case of Taiwan

Thomas J. Ward and William D. Lay • Mar 1 2019 • Articles
Unlike Korea, Taiwan has built monuments to pay homage to Japan, honoring the contribution that Japan made to Taiwan during the colonial period, including comfort women.

Xi Jinping’s Landmark Speech on Taiwan: A Hedging Strategy

Chunjuan Nancy Wei • Jan 29 2019 • Articles
When US-China relations are better, Taiwan is safer. When bilateral relations deteriorate, Taiwan could be the first victim. Reunification is a Chinese domestic affair.

China’s Policy Paper on Latin America and the Caribbean: Ten Years After

Despite the geographical distance among China, Taiwan and Latin American countries, the Cross-Strait dispute could have deep implications in the geopolitical arena.

Taiwan’s Democratisation and China’s Quest for Cross-Strait Reunification

Tommy Sheng Hao Chai • Sep 5 2018 • Essays
Taiwan’s democratic consolidation has fundamentally altered cross-strait politics and has reshaped the debate along the lines of national identity.

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