Interview – Edmund Clark

E-International Relations • Jan 17 2019 • Features

Award-winning artist Edmund Clark discusses his work on state practices associated with the war on terror such as torture and extraordinary rendition and visual politics.

Interview – Ruth Blakeley

E-International Relations • Jan 10 2019 • Features

Ruth Blakeley explains her research exposing the UK’s involvement in the torture of terror suspects, and discusses drones, human rights research and international law.

The (Mis)calculated Risks of Freedom From Torture’s Awareness Campaign

Gada Mahrouse • Jan 16 2016 • Articles

Despite its ability to capture the public’s attention, FFT’s well-intentioned campaign inadvertently harmed rather than helped its clients.

Come Fly with Me: Airports and Geographies of Rendition

Klaus Dodds and Peter Adey • Dec 18 2014 • Articles

The airport has been a key site for investigating how the war on terror has manifested itself in terms of security and surveillance and monitoring the body and behavior.

The Ethical Abyss of the Ticking Bomb Scenario

Michelle Farrell • Sep 10 2013 • Articles

Can torture be justified in exceptional circumstances? It is essential to relentlessly deconstruct both the premise of this question and the debates it engenders.

Tortured Ideas: a response to Harvey Sapolsky

Peter Vale • Feb 21 2011 • Articles

IR – SO, WHO IS IT FOR? It is often said that the study of International Relations is either for the world’s people or for national politics. This cliché usefully explains the chasm between Harvey Sapolsky and myself. And anyone reading his Blogs and my own will recognise that we […]

Tortured Ideas: The responsibility of IR scholars

Peter Vale • Feb 17 2011 • Articles

Those eager to advise the prince often take the logic of Realist IR into dark places where fateful decisions are made. Why are so few voices in IR raised in dissent? And what must/should happen to those who carried the craft towards those fateful moments? And, most importantly, what’s to be done?

The untidy dystopias of anti-terrorism: Italian State Secrets, CIA Covert Operations, and the Criminal law in the Abu Omar Judgment

Francesco Messineo • Aug 4 2010 • Articles

Glimpses of post-9/11 anti-terrorism machinery are not particularly edifying, whatever one’s views. The real solution to terrorism is more rule of law, not less.

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