Transatlantic Relations

Opinion – Can Joe Biden Revive Transatlantic Relations?

Kareem Salem • Jul 22 2020 • Articles

If elected, Biden will have the task of balancing the interests of European allies while countering China’s growing assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific.

Transatlantic Sovereignty Games: What Makes the US and the EU ‘Hang Together’?

Katarina Rebello • Jun 15 2017 • Essays

Drawing on an analytical framework based on ‘sovereignty games’ this essay explores the roles of money in (re)constructing relations between the USA and the EU.

EU-NATO Relations in the Era of Trump and of the European Defence Union

Luigi Lonardo • Feb 17 2017 • Articles

With President Trump, the Warsaw declaration is now more important as it delivers quite clearly what were the hopes and fears of the Obama administration and of the EU.

A Renewed Anglo-american Alliance? Putin’s Potential ‘Bregret’

Robert A. Saunders • Jul 2 2016 • Articles

Following Brexit, as Britain moves away from Europe (in spirit if not body), it will only become more ensconced in its Anglophone cocoon of geopolitical partners.

Rebalancing Priorities: America, Europe, and Defence Austerity

Carl Cavanagh Hodge • Mar 5 2012 • Articles

Faced with fiscal pressures at home and rising powers elsewhere, the US is reducing its troop presence in Europe. The interests of European security can be best served by Britain and France developing a stronger joint expeditionary capacity.

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