US Foreign Policy

Security Cooperation as Remote Warfare: The US in the Horn of Africa

Rubrick Biegon and and Tom Watts • Feb 26 2021 • Articles

Security cooperation programmes have provided a pathway to continued intervention, the ‘remoteness’ of which applies only to the intervening actor, not local communities.

Human Rights and Civilian Harm in Security Cooperation: A Framework of Analysis

Daniel Mahanty • Feb 16 2021 • Articles

Even as the US Government shifts its stated defence priorities toward ‘great power competition’, the era of security partnership, and the emphasis on ‘by, with, and through’ is likely here to stay.

Rolling Back the Imperial Presidency? Joe Biden and the Future of U.S. War Powers

Lukas D. Herr • Dec 15 2020 • Articles

Congress must be recognized as a co-equal branch of government and they must use their constitutional powers to establish binding limits on presidential power.

Interview – Tim Gill

E-International Relations • Dec 1 2020 • Features

Tim Gill discusses the economic and political crisis in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez’s legacy and the impact of US foreign policy and geopolitical rivalries.

Asian Security amid China’s Dominance

Rameez Raja and Zahoor Ahmad Dar • Aug 9 2020 • Articles

The American century is coming to its end and China is ready to dominate the Asian Hemisphere. Yet, China’s labelling as a threat to world peace and security is contested.

Review – The Great Betrayal: How America Abandoned the Kurds and Lost the Middle East

Zeynep Kaya • Jul 16 2020 • Features

While Phillips provides an accessible and valuable international view of the Kurds, the book’s one-sided perspective on several issues fails the reader.

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