US-Japan relations

America’s New Best Friend: The UK vs Japan

Peter Matanle • Feb 26 2017 • Articles
The challenge in the months ahead will be to ensure that Britain’s isolation can be reversed with the discovery of a new purpose at the centre of world affairs.

What is it for? Assessing the South Korea-Japan Deal on the Comfort Women Issue

Yangmo Ku • Feb 18 2016 • Articles
The South Korean public believe their government made a humiliating deal with Japan. Thus, the comfort women issue continues as an impediment to reconciliation.

Interview – Nori Katagiri

E-International Relations • Dec 5 2015 • Features
Dr. Katagiri discusses his latest book on insurgencies, military strategies and cooperation and Japanese-American perceptions on security, politics and the world.

Expanding the Constitutional Role of Japan’s Military

David Arase • Aug 3 2014 • Articles
The limited expansion of the concept of self-defense has symbolic and practical significance for Japanese foreign and security policy and for the regional order.

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