War Crimes

Returning to Chajsy, Belarus: Back to Stalin

David R. Marples • Jul 12 2020 • Articles

The problems faced today seem even more complex than in the late 1980s when, in retrospect, there was more opportunity for open discussion.

Student Feature – Spotlight on Kosovo’s “Special Court”

Aidan Hehir • Aug 10 2019 • Student Features

Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC) and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) is a new ‘hybrid’ court, but concerns over witnesses, security, and legitimacy persist.

The Syria Mechanism: Bridge to Prosecutions or Evidentiary Limbo?

Beti Hohler and Elizabeth Pederson • May 26 2017 • Articles

While an important addition to the international justice landscape, if unsuccessful the Syria Mechanism may create a limbo in which evidence sits unused and ignored.

Lost for Words: Responding to the Kunduz Bombings

Faye Donnelly • Aug 5 2016 • Articles

The Kunduz bombings may mirror the transformative effect ‘a new normal’ in which the bombing of hospitals during conflict are no longer tantamount to a war crime.

Review – The Politics of Exile

Rhys Crilley • Jul 22 2014 • Features

Dauphinée masterfully eschews the conventional ways of presenting research and through storytelling provides insights into the Bosnian war and its dire aftermath.

Review – Eichmann in Jerusalem

Joseph Royo • Nov 14 2013 • Features

One of the questions raised by Arendt about former Nazi officials during their trials- are they criminals or war combatants?- is relevant for discussions today about the use of drones.

The ICTY and the Challenges of Reconciliation in the Former Yugoslavia

Janine Natalya Clark • Jan 23 2012 • Articles

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has issued 161 indictments since its establishment in 1993. But has it had a positive impact on peace and reconciliation?

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