The UN as Both Foe and Friend to Indigenous Peoples and Self-Determination

Sheryl Lightfoot and David MacDonald • Mar 12 2020 • Articles

The UN, created to uphold the sovereignty of states, has become a vehicle for Indigenous peoples to organise in favour of their rights.

‘Ungoverned Spaces?’ The Islamic State’s Challenge to (Post-)Westphalian ‘Order’

Matt Gordner • Jun 24 2017 • Articles

To what extent can we maintain that the Westphalian ‘order’ is stable and lasting given the recurring evidence of the existence of ‘rogue,’ ‘weak,’ or ‘failed’ states?

The Making of the Modern World

Erik Ringmar • Dec 26 2016 • Articles

International politics, for good and for bad, was shaped by Europeans and by non-Europeans copying European examples.

The Virtues of Anarchism

Christian Pfenninger • Oct 26 2015 • Articles

IR needs to pay attention to philosophical anarchism; IR has been paying attention to anarchy, but has failed to incorporate anarchism into its conceptual repertoire.

Reclaiming Sovereignty: Constituted and Constituent Power in Political Theory

Christian Pfenninger • Jan 12 2015 • Articles

Any serious attempt to reclaim the practice of sovereignty from the state must pay attention to the transformative potential of constituent power.

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