World Health Organization

American Global Health Internationalism and the Ebola Crisis in West Africa

Christopher Keith Johnson • Jun 16 2020 • Articles

America will have great difficulty being the hospital and the gun shop for the global South. Perhaps it is time for it to re-examine its approach and re-order its priorities.

What International Relations Tells Us about COVID-19

Joshua Busby • Apr 26 2020 • Articles

A Trump re-election loss will not remove structural barriers to collaboration, but it might delegitimate some of the zero-sum thinking that proliferated during his time.

How Well-meaning Donors Create the UN Machinery They Don’t Like

Vytautas Jankauskas and Ronny Patz • Sep 27 2019 • Articles

While states have been increasing financial support to the UN, their shift towards voluntary contributions adds more fuel to the fire of UN bureaucracy that they dislike.

Student Feature – Spotlight on the WTO and its Appellate Body Crisis

Bhumika Billa • Sep 7 2019 • Student Features

The WTO is known for its robust dispute settlement mechanism, but this procedure is threatened by the blocking of appointments to its appellate body.

Wrecking Ball-In-Chief: Trump’s Withdrawals from International Commitments

Holger Janusch • Jul 17 2019 • Articles

Trump’s withdrawal from international agreements raises concerns on the unreliability of democracies in international affairs. These concerns are unwarranted. Here’s why.

Ebola Response in the Democratic Republic of Congo: A Bridge to Peace?

Fawzia Gibson-Fall • Jul 7 2019 • Articles

Current biomedical approaches can benefit from Health as a Bridge to Peace by addressing the political and social dimensions of disease outbreaks in conflict zones.

Option WTO to Assist Nuclear Nonproliferation – With Minuses and Pluses

Ece Aksop • Oct 24 2018 • Articles

A hard question like proliferation will be settled in a soft environment. De-securitization is possible so long as we are ready to shift our approach to nuclear issues.

The Domestic Nightmare and the Unfulfilled Global Dreams of Brazil

Francine Rossone de Paula • May 11 2018 • Articles

In the name of the dream of global relevance in the future, Brazilian leaders often ends up forgetting to rule in the name of people’s well-being in the present.

How the BRICS Exert Influence in the Global Politics of Development

Matthias vom Hau • Oct 24 2017 • Articles

The strategies BRICS countries use to cement their rising economic position depend on their particular circumstances and national economic and political characteristics

If We Fail in Health We Fail Overall

Mukesh Kapila • Aug 9 2016 • Articles

The World Humanitarian Summit recognised the special role of emergency health work: if we fail in health, we fail in the overall humanitarian endeavor.

“I Am African, I Am Not a Virus”

Judy Kuriansky • May 19 2016 • Articles

It’s time to dignify and put into action the words “there is no health without mental health” as a humanitarian imperative.

Interview – Lawrence Gostin

E-International Relations • May 12 2016 • Features

Lawrence Gostin discusses the international response to the Zika virus and the related media coverage, as well as the role of groups such as Medicins Sans Frontieres.

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